BEWARE Fake Pokemon Games

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Fake Pokemon Games

There are too many fake versions of Pokemon on eBay, at this very minute, people are bidding on these fake games for $20, $30 or more, for a game that isn't even worth $2 to create.

The reason why I write another guide, is because when eBayers buy a game, and receive a dud, it's really disappointing as they have spent a lot of money and the game isn't even original.

What you should be looking for are real images/photos of the actual console and cartridge together.

Here's an example of a genuine Pokemon Leaf Green version.

As you can see above, the box is real - the right colour and the right quality.

It's from Australia with the G+8 logo at the bottom left corner. Very important.

It still has the sticker bought from the store such as Target, EBGames or another well known store.

The cartridge is the right colour, right quality.

And it has the right genuine Nintendo seal which is not oval shaped.

I have a few images of what Australian game boxes look like. And i'll show you a few hints and tips for looking at original genuine games to fake cheap types.

But just because the boxes look right

Does not mean the cartridge is right.

If you're buying a Pokemon game, ASK the seller about it.

ASK for more information.

More Pictures.

Where they purchased the game from.

I find that a lot of suppliers that I've ask questions have never answered me back.
Ask them - Where they got the game from, and what store did they purchase it from.
Don't trust people too easily, those that sell the fake games don't care about you,
They just want your money.

If you'd like to look more into telling the difference between a real version to a fake copied version, check out Nintendo* 's guides.
They are very helpful.

What To Look For


Here are a few examples of a certain seller that supplies millions of fake cheap cartridges, bulk sells them to other suppliers around the world - even Australians, which then mostly end up on eBay.

As you can see above, there are a bunch of fake Pokemon game cartridges.
1. They all have a black cartridge
2. The Emerald has a simliar colour to the original but the sticker is fake
3. There are no original Pokemon versions named;
Pokemon Perla
Pokemon Frigo Returns
Pokemon Naranja
Pokemon Chaos Black
Pokemon Arcoiris

Pokemon games are getting harder to spot whether they are fake or not.
Suppliers are starting to build similar coloured cartridges which makes it
extremely hard for eBayers or any buyers to spot the differences.
Above we have a few fake black cartridges.
And also the recent Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, and Firered and Leafgreen.
If the cartridge you spot, is coloured similar or the same to a genuine version,
You should take a look at the sticker on the cartridge.
Most times it's easy to know whether it's fake or not.
1. Look at the colour of the sticker
2. Check the Logos

The real seal is very round and has "Original Nintendo Seal of Quality (TM)"
The TM is featured bottom right of the seal on the outside.
The fake seal is very oval shaped, sometimes blurry and
It sometimes doesn't have the exact words of the genuine seal.
It may just be genuine, or it may not. So be careful.

How do they make these?
It's very cheap. Very ILLEGAL.
First they need an emulator.

Simple indeed, but very ILLEGAL.
This is called PIRACY. They have copied a game and placed it on a cheep flash card/cartridge.
And are selling them off for 30x more than what they paid for.

If you are really worried like I was when purchasing games on eBay,

Google it

Compare to STORE games



I have found a few websites that I won't post here because of eBay's policy
If you wish to see these by any means, please contact me via eBay.
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