BEWARE! Fake Shure Microphones.

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Yes.They're still out there and getting better and harder to detect.Just bought one myself.Received it today.Had everything in the box to look for-sticker,velcro cable tie(but both of these looked dodgy,lettering just wasn't right.You know that feeling.)warranty,the works.The box looked dodgy though from the get go.Yellowed and old looking,like it had been left in the sun for too long.
1. I unscrewed the barrel. 1 yellow & 1 green wire.No heat shrink.On closer inspection,the yellow wire had a small nick in it.Quality control was getting bad by the looks of things(yeah I know they're made in Mexico now but really,I could see the wire strands).Plenty of hot glue,no Chinese paper or rocks though.Apart from the split wire shield,it looked pretty clean.
2. Now for the big one-I got out my multi-meter & checked the resistance,which should be 400 ohms max. Mmm,597 ohms.Bingo-FAKE!
Well thats the end of that story & how easily I,after 100+ purchases,was able to be conned out of $73 USD because of my unwillingness to go with an authorised dealer & spend the extra $.
This is now being disputed through PayPal(though I don't expect a favourable outcome on my behalf).eBay closed down the sellers shop after 1 of my calls to them AFTER I had bought it(something started digging away at me).My suspicions were right.
My final summing up to others would now be this-
1. As Shure themself advise;ONLY BUY FROM AN AUTHORISED DEALER.
2.DO NOT BUY FROM CHINA. Sorry,I know fakes are everywhere,but China lives & breathes fake/fraud/copies.It's what they do.
3.ALWAYS ASK FOR EXTRA PICS.(forward them to Shure before you buy,they'll let you know if it's a fake or not)& ASK QUESTIONS. If it's genuine,they go out of their way to help.
4.IF IT SMELLS & LOOKS LIKE SHIT-IT IS! Trust your gut instincts.
Please beware that these maggots are getting better & better at copying these all the time.Please pass this on and help shut these pieces of shit down!
UPDATE:have called PayPal re. my problem and thanx to a very understanding person there.I get a refund!You live & learn...
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