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 Buyers beware, some sellers on eBay offering warranties on goods will simply not honour them when it comes to the crunch.

And this is where feedback can't save you!

After feedback has been left, there is no recourse available to the buyer should the seller decide not to honour your warrranty claim.

For example a buyer had purchased a pool pump from a seller with very high positive feedback, and initially was happy with the purchase. The buyer felt reassured that the quality of the pump was going to be acceptable, as the seller offered it with a two year warranty.
Positive feedback was left after the pump was placed in service, and working perfectly.

All good so far!
Six months later, however...
The pool pump starting tripping out the circuit,.. Uh oh.
He contacted an electrician who informed him that without the trip protection, the pump would have electrocuted the first person to touch the body of the pump, as it had a major fault!

 No worries though the buyer, I have a two year warranty, I will just contact the seller and get this sorted out.
He emailed the seller.....Nothing
He tried again...and again.. and again...Nothing
He contacted eBay, who were sympathetic, and was supplied with the sellers phone number.
He rang... and left a message.
He rang again.. and left a message...Nothing
He attempted to contact the seller through the "Ask a question", section in the sellers other listings.
And was amazed to find out that the seller had blacklisted him from contacting the seller, or from purchasing any other goods from them.
The seller also had a club newsletter that could be subscribed to. Blocked also!
Yes they can do this!
Finally, the buyer contacted the Office of Fair Trading.

Something needed to be done about this unscrupulous seller!

So the buyer lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading, Part of their response is included below.

"The OFT have emailed a covering letter and a copy of you complaint to the trader. Despite the efforts, the trader has not responded to my correspondence.Therefore at this stage the OFT does not have any response to forward you regarding what action the trader intends to take to rectify the matter.While the OFT took up this matter to assist you, it does not have the authority to adjudicate in marketplace disputes, nor can it direct a trader to take a particular course of action. Contractual disputes betweenconsumers and traders may be brought before an appropriate court or tribunal where matters can be independently determined."
So, the only course of action open to the seller, essentially, is to pursue this through the courts, for a pump that cost $200.

Who is actually protecting my consumer rights?

And where is the justice?

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