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Many People have asked me to Put My Guide Back ON, so here I go again!!!

ALERT! Have your New!! Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces, 18k Gold Ring, etc. Checked by a Jeweller, as there are 3 Sites listing Solid Gold Filled Hallmarked Gold as Solid 9k, 18k, Solid Gold. This is a Fact.

HALLMARKING: First of all A Guide has been written, Telling you to Look For Hallmarking on Jewellery!!Now this is "FALSE". So many items are Hallmarked 9k 375, 18k, 750 or 18ct, 9ct & Are Illegally Hallmarked & NOT Genuine gold. It gives the Buyer a False Sense of Security, thinking the Ring, Bangle, Bracelet, Necklace Etc. is Genuine Gold, when it can be PLATED, or GOLD FILLED, Over Metal. Nearly all the Jewellery from China, Hong-Kong & Some New Sellers from Thailand is FAKE GOLD & Hallmarked Illegally. We have New Sellers who Import This Rubbish, then list it as Genuine Solid 9k, 18k Gold. In the past 12 months, approx. 50-60 New Sellers have Been Closed, with Fake 18k, 9k, Diamond Rings, Fake 22k Coins, Fake Watches, Fake Bangles, Bracelets etc. etc.


MY MAIN TIPS: 1. Know your Seller [Very Important For Communication & Guarantee]. 2. Always Make Sure The Item has Been Tested, even With Hallmarking [Good Honest Sellers Will Do This!]. 3 Make Sure You Have Insurance Coverage, when Making a Payment [Unless I know the seller 100% I will NOT deposit Money into Bank Accounts]. 4. Try to Buy Australian or English Jewellery, where Measurements, Weights & Assay Office Are Included. 5. paypal has a Good Insurance Coverage. 6.MOST IMPORTANT Always & I Mean "Always" Read the  "ALL" the Feedback of a Seller, if they are NEW approach with Caution. Some 99 cents Start items are To Good To Be True.Many Itmes are Listed in Fine Jewellery as Solid Gold, GP, GF< BONDED< VERMEIL< This is all Fake Gold, Please Be careful.

SHILL BIDDING: Now this Practice is Highly Illegal on eBay, but I am afraid is working overtime on some Sellers Sites. eBay Security Have been alerted on Many Instances, but Security are Doing Nothing??

This is how it works: A New or Old Seller, will will want to Sell their Items at the Highest Price Possible.So they initiate Friends or Family to Help with their Bidding. Ebay Security Cannot Monitor this, as phone lines can be set up in Many Homes & Many Areas, even Interstate.I personally know of 3 Sellers who are using this Practice Constantly, probably more.If you see the Same Bidder Constantly turning up on a Site & outbidding you Constantly, this can be Shill Bidding. I watch 2 Particular New Sellers, they have the Same Bidders, Bidding earlier or later into an Auction, then if they Accidentally Win, the Items are Re-listed within Days or weeks.Shill Bidder will Place a Bid of Say $200, you will try to catch them if you want a certain item, then you outbid them, next thing you are outbid again & again, until the item reaches a high amount. Now this CAN be Genuine Bidding, just like a House Auction, but if you see that Same Bidders ID, turning up on so many of the Sellers items BEWARE!! This is so easy to trace with Used items, the same Antique or Used item Cannot turn up Repeatedly on the same site, same size, weight, description, No this does Not Happen Lawfully. I have Sold Used & New Genuine Gold for over 13 years & Very, Very Unusual to have the Same item appear again after an Auction has finished. To be fair, maybe the Buyer has Changed their Mind, or item is returned for a reason, But Constantly No, this does Not Happen!!

MY LATEST CONVERSATION WITH POWER SELLERS BY PHONE: No. 1 eBay is an Open Auction Site. 2. They Cannot Monitor Millions of items, Listed by Unscrupulous Sellers [It would mean knocking on thousands of doors worldwide, to check items for Auction, now we all know, Impossible]. 3. It is up to us The Public To Be Aware, these unscrupulous Sellers Do Exist. 4. Some Buyers Withdraw their Feedback after they have been Threatened by Bad Sellers. Now how can eBay Monitor this, if we Don't stand up for uour Rights?? 5. Always us paypal for buying, especially from New Sellers. DO NOT Pay in Bank Accounts, when you do Not Know the Seller & then Complain to eBay later, honestly they don't want to know [From eBay themselves], it is our Own Stupid Fault. 6. eBay say they are Only an Auction Site, they have NO RESPONSIBILITY, if we do not take care when buying items from Bad Sellers & I Do Understand.

MAGNIFIED PICTURES: Now this is something I have not spoken about before, but I have seen Feedbacks on Some Sellers, who have Not stated the Weight Correctly or Non at all, Measurements & Condition, of items for Sale or Auction. Any Good Seller Will Magnify their items, to show the Buyer Exactly the Condition of an Item. Without this you cannot tell what you are buying. Dark Pictures can sometimes Camouflage the Defects in an Item, eg: [Splits in Gold Bangles, Braclets, Broken Dented Lockets, Settings Damaged, Gemstones Chipped, Dented Hollow Solid Gold, No Claws, to Worn Down to Hold the Gemstone Securely]. I am very wary unless I can see the items Clearly. Every eBay Seller should have the Exact Weight, Measurements & Item Description, so that you can picture in your mind, Exactly what you are Purchasing. Many Do NBot do this & Wonder why they receive bad feedback, eg: item Very Small, Low Weight, Childs Ring, Damaged Goods, Fake Gold. Beware of Bad Pictures, where you Cannot see the items Clearly, or anyone who does Not have in Measurements, Weight & Condition.

GENUINE ENGLISH HALLMARKED JEWELLERY: It has come to My Attention about Authentic English Jewellery, in a Guide Written. The Stamps on English Jewellery, Assure you that the Item has been Assayed, By The Highest Standards in uk, so you know you are Receiving, Genuine Full Gold Content. Some items have been Imported into & will usually have the 9k 18k Stamp as well as the Assay office Stamp. If they do Not have the 9k Stamp[All English Jewellery has ct Not k, unless Imported into UK], you can be assured that the Vintage, Antique, As New, is Genuine English Made Jewellery.Since 1999, Many items are coming into UK from other Countries & this is Assayed at the Various Offices in United Kingdom & they do not require the Import Mark. I am Not Saying English Jewellery is more Superior than another Countries Gold, I am just saying it has been Assayed by the highest Standards. I know 2 Honest Sellers from Hong-Kong & Thailand, one is Treasure Hub, the other is The Finest Jewellery.


I have not finished this Guide, more to Copy off the Guide I should not have removed in the first place

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