BIRKENSTOCKS THONGS - How to Spot the Fakes

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Fake Birkenstock Gizeh & Ramese thong shoes are regularly listed on Ebay without detection.  The best way to ensure you havent bid on a fake is to check the following; that the toe piece separator runs continuously from the toe strap to the inner sole where the big toe & second toe sit.  The fake Birkenstock thongs have a V shaped toe piece that sits ontop of the strap joining to a piece that is the toe separator. Authentic Birkenstock thongs should have the Birkenstock name printed on the  inner shoe side not the outer and on the toe separator and buckle. The fakes often mispell the brand name or have no name on the toe piece stud. The fakes are usually narrower than the authentic with a solid & not outlined footprint stamped on the inner soles. These can be purchased in Asia for Aust$8 or at Australian makets for $30. Next time you bid on a pair of Ebay Birkenstock thongs, check to see if the listing's picture clearly shows any tell tale signs of being fake because many sellers knowingly claim dishonestly that their items are "real or authentic". 
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