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The notion that bonsai trees can be permanent residents inside your home is a fallacy that never should have arisen

 The natural home for trees is the open air

However, there are a few exceptions....

The plant must be able to carry out the process of photosynthesis: This is the production of plant food and oxygen from carbon dioxide when the sun activates chlorophyll in the leaves

There are only a few species of bonsai that can grow indoors for extended periods especially within the Australian climate

The best trees suited to life indoors is the Ficus, fig

The Ficus grows exceptionally well indoors because it is a subtropical species

 Other options are the Acer palmatum, Japanese maple, Ulmus parvifolia, Chinese elm and Rhododendron hybrids, Azalea

Any bonsai can be used for indoor display for short periods providing that it is situated in a well lit position and for no more than three days at a time

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