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With everyday experience on Ebay, its is enjoyable. There are however a mix of all kinds of charactures. Some lovely, ethical well mannered people, who value compliance to Ebay policies and value their experience with us.

As a guide for all our best Buyers out there, we would like to state our Purpose and Ethics.

To be clear, Brissy09 values Ebay policy. We value our Buyers. If for some reason a transaction goes wrong, or electronic Ebay website creates an error, we wish to say here, it is not us, and not our intention to ever decieve our Buyers, whatsoever.

We have had a couple of final payment transactions, go wrong. When the invoice is generated by a Seller, the final price and sub-total then postage is presented. On these two times, it has been an error, that a sub-total with the same amount as the final fee, actually adds itself as postage!  We as Sellers have no power to stop this Ebay internal error happening.

On one occasion the Buyer was one of those well mannered, ethical values Buyers and understood the error, and within a day we were transaction payment finalised at the correct amount, without any dramas. Everyone involved was well mannered and polite.

The second time this error happened, was last week when the final payment sub-totalled as again postage! There was no postage as a local pick-up was arranged. We contacted Ebay, were given the work-around, through Pay Pal, to create a 'manual' new invoice and email direct to the Buyer, which we did.

We were then bombarded with abuse and threats of making a complaint against us, for this 'SERIOUS' of Ebay related errors. This Buyer was not so polite and well mannered, questioning OUR honesty. Finally, we found it necessary to send the Ebay Live-Help transcript to this Buyer.

We had one other drama! a Buyer decided they would bid on an item, reading our advert and terms of sale. A bidders responsability is to read what they are bidding on. Once they won the item, they then decided to dispute the invoice with Sellers preferred way of payment to a bank Account, which is totally allowed by Ebay as a Sellers choice, if advertised in the sale item, the Bidder knows BEFORE they make a transaction.

We spent 3 weeks on a daily Buyers' emails they argueing back and forth, finally happily agreeable to payment by Pay Pal, which incurrs Sellers more fees. However, the Buyer was so 'ill-mannered' and non-compliant they then refused to pay for their purchase regardless of our efforts to work in with them. We made a Dispute Case asking for payment, Ebay warned the Buyer, who scoffed the Ebay policies or request for payment, and still remains a NON-PAYER today.

Sellers are here for one purpose, to sell off unwanted wares around the home or office. We are ourselves not here as a 'business' nor as 'unethical stooges'!

Brissy09 appreciates all honest transactions in both directions. If you find an innocent error, do understand, this is a fun selling game, NOT a business to us! We are NOT here to 'rip-off' anyone. It is not of interest to us to manage lies or unethical behaviour, its too hard! We prefer instead, honest, well mannered fun Ebay transactions.

Buyers, please remember OUR GUIDE when you see something go wrong, and understand, we also have an interest getting all our transactions correct, to experience the best Ebay has to off all of us.

1. We will advertise as it truely is, our terms will be clear, and make buyers aware of any marks, faults, or great perfect items.

2. We will be compliant with ebay policy, we will always work with high standard ethics

3. We know electronic errors happen, and will always work around the issue for  the proper outcome

4. We are here for the best reasons, not a business, not a crook, not to create or be forced to manage 'ill-mannered' ebayers

5. We always have the best intentions, if you see an issue, lets talk and be happy little ebayers!

We hope this has been helpful.

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