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These medals have no maker marks until the Vietnam war, the new medals produced in the thousands can be obtained for as little as $6.00 through US Medal sites. Don't be sucked in for cheap un-marked Bronze stars,selling for $10-15 all over ebay and sometimes way more. Before you buy any United States Medals/awards/orders. Research the one you are looking for. Google the medal you want to get your hands on. You will find the wholesalers that sell these to retailers, don't pay more for items that you can get from wholesalers, it only takes a few seconds to find them.
The other big spin is that collectors get from dealers is pay collectors prices and get the authentic item, not cheap copy's, this gag is a good one, collectors think well that's right and at lease ill get the authentic on, that's not often the case, its a spin to sell these items for more profit, My advice is if you want an authentic medals, don't settle for anything that dose not have a makers mark & were the history is proven to be fact. It is not uncommon on eBay for negative feedback to be removed from Power-sellers, that get court out selling copy's as the real deal. I am part of the Universal Militaria Collectors Club, the UMCC, i have seen screenshots of power-sellers negative feedback, there for all to see, only to find that it disappears from the sellers feedback darn fast without the blessing of the buyer.
My advice would be Never trust any dealer 100% (even though there is many trustworthy ones) treat each item as a fake think that seller is trying to pass a copy of as authentic/original, research the item as much as you can, to limit the chance of getting ripped off.

One last thing, some think ok this seller has a big speech on this item, its history, how they are awarded and guaranteed to be 100% authentic, my experience as a collector and a dealer,is that it is not always the safe thing to do, in fact over selling a item on description, more often then not can mean its not authentic, I can rave on all day but this is my last tip on this issue, save the seller to your favorite, over time see how many times the exact same item is listed with no changes, these guys get medals very cheap and in the hundreds, and sell the medals with the exact same listing, quick eBay store re-list option.

Hope this helps all.

UMCC # AU102
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