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Bumping is somtthing that has come up a lot recently, because of certain news shows obviosly with no better stories to tell, causing panic amung good citizens for no reason.

Bumping is another method of picking a lock, but instead of using picks people use a number 9 space and depth key- which for non locksmiths is a key cut to the deepest possible cuts in all positions along the key, they insert the key all the way in then pull it out one cut, apply a soft turning pessure to the key and BUMP or hit it back in, the sharp points between the cuts run along the bottom pins and vibrate the top pins out of the chambers in the cylinder allowing them to continue turning the key to open the lock, it is very similar to picking with a gun in that there is no real skill involved again just luck.

A different space and depth key is needed for each profile or different brand lock, as we all know no key fits into every lock, and being able to do it on one door doesnt mean they can do it on all doors.

I have used this method, but its not professinal to watch unless it works the first time, it is nothing to worry about, it can be avoided with mushroom or spool pins, but even with them in the method can still work, un-pickable locks like Bi Lock, Abloy etc can not be bumped as it only works on pin tumblers

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