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I think that Lincoln Cent in the next 8 to 14 months will be a lot higher than they are now.

Like a lot of collectors I Started My Collecting with Lincoln Cents

WHEN I Started in 1953 I found Most of the  KEY Dates in Circulation.,TODAY you can not find a Wheat back. in Circulation.

THE only KEY I did not Find was the 1909-SVDB.

I rode my Bike to the Hobby Shop in Allentown in 1953,I was 15 years old and Paid $5.00 to buy my first 1909-SVDB CENT for my collection.

IN 1953 $5.00 was a lot of money for a boy of 15.

HERE we are in 2007

WHY do I think all Lincoln Cents will be higher very soon?

First A little Imformation  ABE. Lincoln was Born in 1809.

That is why the U.S. mint started making the Lincoln Cents in 1909  to Commemorative his 100 Birthday.

IN 2009 The Linclon CENT turns 100 years old.

THE mint has Big Plans for the Lincoln Cent in 2009

I can not tell you eveything at this time,But What I can tell you is to Buy all the KEY LINCOLN CENTS you can find,Put them away for a few Months and watch your money GROW.

ABOUT 3 months ago I was selling on my WEB Page.  1914-D Cents in good for 125.00 @ I had about 12 coins in stock.

They were selling very well at 125.Each,SO I started running ads pay $5.00 over Bid for 1914-D cents.Bid at the time   was  $ Good..

I ran the ad 2 or 3 times a week,PAYING $5.00 over Bid.

The 1914-D Cents kept selling on my SITE for 125. and the next thing I know I had 3 coins in stock and never Bought ONE 1914-D at $5.00 OVER Bid.

I picked up the GRAYSHEET to check Bid, NO wonder I was selling so many coins on my site at 125.00 Each. BID is now 158.00 Each in Good

IN less than 3 months I had ,AND IT was not my INTENTION to raise the bid,I was trying to buy some MOVED the bid from 100. in Good to 158. in Good  and I never Bought ONE Coin.

I think all Lincoln Cents are CHEAP NOW

JUST go out there and try to buy 1911-S,1924-D cents in VG,or Fine

I had about 35 1924-D Lincoln cents in Stock ONE of the dates I think is very much UNDER PRICED.

ONE of my Customer call and Said HE would take them all

EVERYDAY I spent a lot of time trying to buy 1914-D and 1924-D,1931-S CENTS,We go to shows run ads,Make Calls and I can not buy the coins. THEY ARE NOT OUT THERE FOR SALE.

BUT Do not take MY  Word for it,YOU go out there and lets see how many you BUY.

IF you get more than you want, Please Call ME.

Remember I told you befor they went UP UP and away.

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