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I am always buying pokemon stuff off the internet and come across fake pokemon ds and game boy games.

thieves are always ripping us off on ebay and im tired of it - i will be constantly updating this website of ways people are getting away with selling dodgy games.


here is a quick way to see if its fake:

they mention something like 99% new

the manual seems to be a review and nothing to do with the game play at all

on ds games the blue wifi circle isnt on the case - on the left of the case (most games have this however google it)

the picture of the game doesnt fit into the casing

READ THIS they are getting sneaky - some are now only showing the fake instruction manual

do not buy it if you cannot see the CASING / GAME/ AND COVER and please look at it very carefully

another thing ive noticed is the difference in the pictures - the fake game sellers do not care much of the picture taking - they have the background removed where as if it were a genuine seller you can see the table or floor in the picture.

also be sure to check the sellers feedback - the sellers that sell the same items mostly newer ds games are almost always the fakes - especially if within a small time frame. be sure to scroll down dont buy if you see a pattern

also check the negative and neutral feedback before purchasing anything - chances are someone has complained about something before - and don't trust the  100%  BS either after 12 months all bad scoring is deleted - beware when looking over negative feedback that you look further than 12 months as they may have more than one account and switch between the two when one starts looking bad


BUT BE WARNED thieves soon catch onto these things and change these:

if the picture looks faded or looks photocopied in colour don't buy it

another thing to remember - none of these thieves use the word - GENUINE - so my advise is to look for that magic word or send them a quick question.

ive done a quick look around on the internet before and it seems that most of the copys come from hong kong.

also when it arrive without the manual but a new box and the white box filling thing for gameboy - and the box HASNT BEEN ASSSEMBLED AT ALL assume that it is fake. test the game out with another one to see if they are compatible - if you dont have another take it to EB GAMES and ask them whether it is fake or not - BEFORE LEAVING FEEDBACK

also id suggest looking at the persons negative and neutral feedback - i always do and you would be surprised at what is in there

PEOPLE WHO DONT LEAVE FEEDBACK WHEN YOU GET PAID ARE HIDING SOMETHING - they are supposed to leave feedback on how fast your payment was - not on how well their feedback is. refuse to leave feedback until they do!

most of the time, this is what the theives do - they wait to see if you find out their game is fake or not - if you leave neative they will too so no matter what do not leave feedback.

better no feedback than a negative.



eg. pokemon pearl review

search multiple windows to see what the front looks like - check for wi-fi   -   what coloring looks like where the symbols are placed. nintendo seals

anything out of the ordinary do not buy the game

i mention multiple just in case the thieves get wind of this and you can personally do the research.

 Also if you buy a game do not assume that because the box says Nintendo inscribed that its original (anyone with the right equipment can do this)

also sometimes the booklet and game may feel slightly different from an original as they are made from cheaper products so id suggest comparing them with an original

also if its a game you really really want check out reviews in your format - if it doesnt have a format DONT BUY IT i bought one, there were plenty of them on ebay so i assum ed it was the correct cover especially since they mentioned something along the lines of australian games all over the page - they can get away with this as this was their ebay account also check the format - if it says format free or will play on all formats, intended for australian and new zealand - they are not telling you the format - they are saying yes it will play on your ds however its a copy or its a the same game only way worse. the game i bought was MY SECRET WORLD by imagine

i was excited about it only getting it for 8.99 for the game and 8.99 postage - sweet right? NO  i got the package, it felt slightly different but everything on the cover front and back was in english , i ripped it open to find the manual (english) the health and safety booklet (english) and the game sticker written in france.

oh well i can always set it to english right? YES it was - but dont get too excited

i played it for a while and thought wow this game is absolutely Sh#t - i found out why overseas make their own (the one i bought had a girl laying down playing a pink ds - the one i wanted however had three girls surrounding it)

please do your research i cant stress that enough - im still learning myself so learn through my mistakes rather than make them yourself

ive never recieved a fake game with the little black booklet so - if you can see > game cover   >game   > game booklet   > black booklet

there is a good chance that this game is an original (this is also helpful to remember if your selling) - (and remember genuine is a magic word)

also if they sell more than one be weary - check their feedback usually if they have more than a few negatives move on - save your money and pay just a little more for an original

i really hope this has helped you.


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