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There are a few pointers which are very important to consider when buying or looking for a sapphire bracelet (or a diamond & sapphire bracelet).

  • Read the description to ensure that the item has genuine sapphires, not man-made or created ones
  • Check the weight - the last thing you want to do is buy a lightweight item which only weighs say 4-5 grams & will break in no time
  • If there is an RRP or valuation provided, don't just take it at face value. There are a few sellers (scammers) quoting absolutely ridiculous RRP's of thousands of dollars for items which only weigh a few grams of gold. These are RRP's they just make up & should not even be considered as having any credibility. I suggest you don't pay more than $20-$30 per gram. That means you should not bid much higher than $100 for a bracelet which weighs 4-5 grams. Remember if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is (and why would someone continue to sell an item worth thousands when it keeps selling on ebay for only a few hundred... no legitimate seller could take losses like that).
  • Check that the seller is not showing you one thing & selling you another. For instance you see a photo with gorgeous sapphires but then the seller mentions there are inclusions (which you cannot see in the photo). Ask for photos of the actual item you are buying if necessary.
  • Verify any claims made prior to bidding. For instance if someone claims to be selling Australian sapphires ensure that they have paperwork to back this up (including if possible independent verification by a jeweller or gemologist of your choice, rather than one chosen by the seller). Unfortunately there are too many people making claims that they cannot back up.   
  • Make sure the item is solid not flimsy (checking the width may help with this) & that it is stamped/hallmarked (925 for silver or 9k, 10k, 14k or 18k for gold)

 Happy bidding on Ebay!!!

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