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Before you buy have you asked the seller if it contains MMA???

No, why not???

Did you know MMA is DANGEROUS to your health.  Have you wondered why the acrylic monomer on ebay from sellers in China is so cheap?  Not because they are offering you a discounted product, it is because it is made with MMA and therefore that means it is rubbish and they can sell it cheaply.

MMA is BANNNED in AUSTRALIA for use in acrylic liquid being used on fingernails and the USA and any reputable nail tech in Australia will not touch any monomer with MMA because of the damage it WILL do to your health and nails.

And, did you know that those sellers in China who are advertising these products on ebay are shipping them to you illegally?  You can also get into trouble for having ordered and requested these items be posted to you because the seller does not have a Dangerous Goods contract and I can guarantee you that when your items arrived (if they arrive) there will be nothing on the outside of the package indicating it contains Dangerous Goods, is this fair to those people who are on the airplane with that parcel, which is highly flammable and no one knows its there?

And, there is one seller in the nail care category purporting to be in Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia, when in fact, even though you pay into an Australian bank account (belongs to one of their relatives) they are in China and drop shipping from there to their relative here.  The electrical items they are selling are BELOW acceptable Australian Standards (this could void your insurance when the item blows up), the monomer and acrylic powders contain Monomer.  It is very easy to see which seller this is by their feedback, they have a large feedback and constant complaints about slow delivery and damaged items.  Ask them for a tax invoice when you purchase off them, if you don't get one, report them to the ATO because they are claiming to be in Australia, they are trading over $75K per annum and therefore must be registered for GST and MUST supply a tax invoice when  requested. in the ebay .web, be aware.

Buyers on ebay need this information so they can make an informed decision, because these sellers are not going to tell you the truth and ebay will not stop these sellers because that would mean loss of income for them.

Unfortunately the genuine Australian sellers in Australia are having to deal with this rubbish constantly and very soon there will be no Australian sellers, selling quality and legitimate products on ebay, because of the misleading and deceptive conduct from these sellers in China who lie to Australian buyers.  Your Australian sellers are usually registered for GST and paying the taxes that need to be paid, why are you sending your money overseas and paying enormous ridiculous amounts for postage?  The reason these overseas sellers charge so much of for postage is because they list up so cheaply, to avoid ebay fees and so you think you are getting a bargain, they make their money from the postage.  Now, if an Australian seller did that to you, you would kick up a stink, so why support these Chinese sellers do this to you?

Also, you need to BE AWARE of some Australian sellers who are buying these cheap, nasty dangerous poisonous chemicals from chinese sellers and reselling them on ebay.  They are then posting them via Australia Post without a dangerous goods contract and falsifying dangerous goods declarations.  This is putting your health and safety at risk as well as the general publics.  DO NOT BE A PARTY TO THESE CRIMES!

Is that fair on you, the buyer?

Support the genuine Australian sellers who are selling legal monomers and not banned poisons..
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