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The purpose of this guide is to help out those who are new to purchasing bottles on ebay. Bottle collecting is a great hobby and anybody can do it.  Bottle collecting should be about collecting items you like, and hopefully reading this will help with those purchasing decisions.

My first piece of advice would be to buy where possible from those with good feedback ratings, buying from new commers to ebay is ok and yes there maybe some risk but remember you started out with no feedback as well but check their return policy, and pay by methods that give some garuntee of saftey steer clear of things like western union money transfers.

Have a good look at the pictures people are displaying and read the description a couple of times, dont be afraid to ask for another picture or clarification on a point in their description.

Consider things like condition, staining and chipping or cracks reduce the value of bottles as with any collectable.

Many bottles are described as scarce or hard to find, and it is not my place to say wether or not they are, however doing homework by visiting one of the many australian bottle sites will help you make the correct decisions in relation to the price you want to pay 

Finaly probably the most important aspect of buying a bottle is to check on how they send their items, I have received items wrapped in bubble wrap and sent in a post pac plastic bag.  People who regularly sell bottles will pack them well but it always pays to check on sellers methods, while there ask how much postage is some times things are sold at low prices with the difference being made up by charging high postage costs


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