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Not being an expert on the subject, I was a little bewildered recently when I came across some vintage Australian magazines of which I had never heard. I tried to do some research and only came up with one site but it was very helpful: collectingbooksandmagazines. On it I was able to find some interesting facts relating to the Australian vintage magazines in general and their history and relevance to Australian magazine scene during this period. For a magazine, Cavalcade had a relatively short life span starting around 1941 and finishing around 195,  as American mags hit the Australian scene.  It changed format initially, endeavouring to be a serious anti-war mag but morphed in to a series of stories and articles relating to life issues.  They had many early cartoons, some of which would have been considered exotic for the time especially in the Man Junior mag. Junior Man also introduced Devil Doone as a debonair hero. His adventures were recorded monthly. All up it was an inspiring journey into the life of an evolving magazine company. I found one of the articles in one of the magazines humourous as it discussed the issues facing women of the 50's. It is interesting to see what was challenging them at the time compared to now and how a man expected to be treated by his woman. These mags are collectibles for those interested in early authors of Australian literature and those studying cartoonists.
All up an interesting foray in to a world I never knew existed. Check out the site and Aunt Maisies Bits and Pieces to find out more.
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