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  Roxy Clothing is an extremely popular Surf brand  in Australia. Always look for the correct tagging of the product, as unfortunately there are many cheap imitations that are inferior in sizing & quality. Look for the correct labels on the product such as Roxy, Roxy Paradise, Roxy Girl, or Roxy Teenie Wahine.

Also avoid products that are too cheap & also too good to be true -  as these prove to be inferior & not an authentic garment, also genuine Roxy Hoodies are not cheap ! Check US pricing - most start at well over $50 US. Some sellers items do not reflect the genuine items styling or curent designs of the genuine article, as they claim. All the "small sizes , last one" type offers are all cheap Asian fakes - the only sizing they generally offer are small or x-small sizes which do not reflect Australian or US sizing. Check & see the styling & designs are nothing like these. In Women's US Size M = Size10 Australian.US Size L = Size 12 Australian, US Sixe XL = Size 14 Australian. ( With some slight measurement variation ). Roxy do not make a size18 !! or XXL !!

If in Australia this week (August) the television show "Border Security" showed Australian custom services uncovering container loads of Asian fakes & showing the inferior quality of the fake Roxy products,  & stating that they end up in markets & on line auctions, unless they get to them first. -They then destroyed 2 shipping containers full of them.

Genuine & authentic are not hard to spot - Roxy as we know- Is quite expensive - Genuine products will not start off at a  low, low advertised price if they are authentic &  brand new with tags, even 2nd hand items will command higher prices if they are in excellent condition. Stick to the sellers you know - their feedback speaks volumes !!

I hope this helps you when you are ready to buy . If in doubt check the RRP & Current designs on This will give you all the Treat Roxy with the respect it deserves !!




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