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Look for Barcode and Proof of Purchase!                                            Title sticker on top of dvd, only found on brand new sealed genuine R1 dvd's!

 slip covers (some fakes now have them also) and advertising stickers are alson on genuine R1 dvd's  

Hey all, i think this is the guide i had to write, just in the last week alone i have had 20-30 people email me about genuine Region 1 dvd's etc especially about the Grindhose movies Planet Terror and Death Proof! These DVD's are only available in 2-Disc special Editions, if someone says to you they only have a genuine Region 1 1-disc Death Proof or 1-disc Planet Terror they are lying, not maybe lying blatantly lying i would not believe them, these movies were never released in a 1-disc in the United States, i have been involved in the movie industry for 8 years and selling dvd's for 6 years mainly to stores and other online sellers (2.5 years on ebay) also have been on many occasions asked by video stores/customs etc tips on how to spot if a dvd is pirated. i know as they are getting better these days and its harder to spot a fake. Don't get me wrong im not against people buying pirated movies im not preaching against it, people buying pirated movies has actually boosted my business as they know im legit and only sell genuine so they come back. what im against is people spending there hard earned dollar and thinking they are buying a genuine dvd thats what annoys me, if you know your buying a pirated movie thats fine go for your life im not goin to stop you as i have bought them in the past myself i would just NEVER sell them, you can buy pirated movies from online stores for between $3-$9 and thats delivered, they are not made very well, quality is alot below normal dvd alot tend to skip and jump and most dont even have the bonus features etc or menu's that work, as alot of the movies are copied from cinema's using direct transfer the audio/picture is copied directly from the reel to a digital source so the picture and sound is quite good but its not dvd quality, they also use dvd-screeners that video shops etc get to view the movie before they order and directly rip off them, alot of these screeners have the movie studio's logo on during the whole movie but thats easily removed or the picture goes black & white every 5-15 minutes! if the dvd has been released its a str8 rip off them, including the cover etc, though usually the covers are edited for instance the Grindhouse movies, as the pirated copy is only a 1-disc. so where it says 2-disc Special Edition on the genuine ones it just says Special Edition on the pirated. i know its getting harder to spot these days as they are getting better!

Look at my pictures on what you should look for when buying genuine region 1 dvd's! Some come with slip-covers etc, they have stickers for adverting on the front. If you are buying a brand new sealed genuine region 1 movie studio made dvd 99.9999% of of major release dvd's have the title sticker on them on the very top of the dvd as you can see in the picture the white sticker always has the name and some even have the catalogue numbers as shown in the pic of Death Proof/Planet Terror if it doesn't have the title sticker its definitely not brand new, tv shows rarely have the title stickers as they are big chunky sets and are usually in a cardboard box so its a different story with the tv shows. I don't understand why sellers cant take pictures of the movies they sell, you will notice most sellers of pirate movies are reluctant to use a photo and just use the stock photo buyers have even told me that sellers have been editing the stock photo's, it takes 2-seconds to take a picture and use it, i sell 100's of dvds a week yet still find time to take a picture, ask the seller to take a picture for you and to include ur ebay username and theres written on a piece of paper, compare the pic to Amazon etc or if i have it in stock compare it to mine, also watch for pictures which have been edited y would u edit a picture u just sent to a buyer?!! Most Buyers are reluctant to leave a negative as they are scared to recieve a negative feedback themselves, report the seller to ebay, tho im told by buyers who have reported sellers that they don't do anything about it even though the same seller has been reported a few times! Report the seller to AFACT (Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft) you can Google them for there number and email! thats bout it thanks for your time, hopefully i helped the buyers that want to buy genuine studio released dvd's a little bit!

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