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What i always do to get a bargain on e-bay is:

1: find an item you like.

2: read the description carefully.

3:check out what other sellers are selling the item for on e-bay.

4:put your bid in.

5:say if the price is at $15 and you are willing to pay $50 for the item just put that in as a bid, this will be your maxium bid.

6: so if people bid it up to $49 you will still of got a bargain in your eyes.

7: if the item sells for more than you would of paid for it just check out other auctions for the item you want.

8: always watch a couple auctions of the item you desire, so if you get outbid you always have a backup auction.

9: never pay more than you want to.

10: most importantly, HAVE FUN ON E-BAY!

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