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There are many online Medical Devices sellers all competing to get your business. Unfortunately you don't need a licence to sell these types of products online so the Term " Caveat Emptor" applies.
Let the buyer beware is more adapt to this type of buying than almost all other types of product ranges.
Lets look at the facts:
In Australia, all Medical Devices should be registered in on the Therapeutic Goods Register (TGA).
If someone imports a product which is classified as a Medical Device then they become the sponsor and apply for TGA Listing which can only be approved for sale in Australia after strict adherence to the classification of the product.
It may be a class 1 non sterile or class 1 sterile and the class increases to a class 2 or 3 based on what the device does and there are other classifications depending on the item.
If someone sells an item which is not TGA Listed, then they face huge penalties and the same applies when a seller states a TGA number and it is not in fact the Manufacturer's product or the number is stated to deceive the consumer.
There are sellers on eBay who use TGA numbers however, they are using someone else's number to avoid the added cost of TGA Listing and registration. The TGA is aware of this and have advised us they are targeting these sellers.
In some instances there are sellers who are not in Australia who sell direct online and claim that their product is registered in Australia and use the Australian company TGA number to bypass the system.
We recommend you buy from Australian companies who have gone to the trouble of proper TGA listings.
You need to ask the Seller who is the manufacturer and ask for the Australian TGA Number.
If a Manufacturer sponsors a product it will be in their name or the name of the importer and the number will tell you what the product is.
You can confirm this product at the TGA website by searching the ARTG Register.
We see other sellers who claim to be Medical Device Sellers who have never sold this type of product and copy from other websites to fake their credibility.
The company you should buy from should have many years of clinical experience to back up their business.
When you see claims like "Current Hospital Supplied Product" ask the seller for references.
Simple advice to all buyers....Simply ask some questions.
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