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The new millenium and the advent of great sites like ebay have given men literally millions of fashion choices.Like many situations where there are lots of choices, there can sometimes be some traps that people get caught up in along the way and this guide will help you avoid them.Enjoy your shopping experience on ebay for mens clothing by following these simple guidelines-

1- Always try and buy well known brand names from reputable sellers.Check out their feedback and read the comments.I have found that the safest transations feature goods that are Brand New with tags [BNWT] because they are unworn and their authenticity is easier to determine.Good sellers actually clearly show the tags in their ads so keep your eye on the photos of the goods for sale- buy only clothing that has photos of the item for sale and ensure the photo is not taken from someones website but is indeed the item you are watching / looking to purchase

2-Find out a little about the terms associated with clothing- BNWOT [Brand New without tags],BNWT [Brand New with tags] etc.It makes it far easier to read descriptions.

3-Compare the goods you are looking at on ebay with their prices in retail stores on the internet to get a feel for the RRP [Recommended retail price.some simple research will let you know if you are actually gettign a bargain]

4-Avoid at all costs Asian based sellers with regards to well know brand names. In my expereince on ebay of over 6 years the vast majority of thsoe Asian based sellers selling items like Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss,Armani etc are simply selling cheap rip off goods that are poorly made, counterfeit and illegal.

5-Fully research the sizes you want/ need and carefully check the sellers return policy for goods that do not fit. If you do your homework first and read the desription regarding sizing you can ensure the goods you purchase will fit correctly.Get a friend to hel pyou measure yourself to ensure that the goods will fit correctly.Maybe even go to a department store and try on an identical item to that which you are watcching on ebay to see how it fits.

6-Look to combine lots and save on postage if buying several items from the same seller.Some unsrupulous sellers inflate their postage charges so be aware of this; pre paid satchels from Australia Post are generally a good guide fromm reputable sellers and their prices can be easily compared.

7-Buying used and secondhand clothing is a little riskier and more difficult to do so my advice is to stick to new items which are usually priced to sell anyway.

8-Try and pay with paypal for a trouble free and easily traceable transaction

Following these simple tips will enable you to enjoy fun , trouble free shopping for mens clothing at ebay.Happy retail therapy gentlemen !

Written by Cameronhighlander

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