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This guide will teach you fragrance 101, as well as some great tips, and shocking information everyone should know about counterfeit perfume!

Eau de WHAT??
Fragrances are classified based on the level of concentration of perfume oils.  The more concentrated, the longer the fragrance will last:

Eau De Cologne (pronounced Oh De Colone) - 3-5% concentration, lasts up to 2 hours
Eau De Toilette (pronounced Oh De Twalay) - 4-8% concentration, lasts 2 - 4 hours
Eau De Parfum (pronounced Oh De Parfume) - 8-15% concentration, lasts 3 - 5 hours
Pure Parfum/perfume - 15-30% concentration, lasts up to 6 hours
How to wear perfume
- A common myth - perfume should NOT be applied to the wrists and rubbed together!  This deteriorates, or 'rubs away' the smell!
- The best places for spraying/dabbing perfume are your pulse points - including the backs of the knee, in the elbow crease, neck, wrists & behind the ears
- Estee Lauder advises to spray your fragrance a few inches in front of you, then walk into it for an all-over perfumed mist
- Carolina Andrina Herrera, daughter of Carolina Herrera (creator of the popular 212) mixes her perfume with almond oil, then rubs into arms, stomach and legs
- Coco Chanel used to apply perfume to the hems of the garments she designed, so that her models left a trail of scent while strutting down the catwalk
- Tip: Layering is the best way to make your perfume last longer - If you have a fragrance gift set/coffret, try layering the products for a perfectly scented affect.  First use the bath/shower gel, then apply the lotion, followed by the matching fragrance.  This reinforces the scent & leaves you feeling pampered!  

How to store your perfume
- Most perfumes can last for years if stored correctly
- Perfume should be kept in a cool, dry place and kept out of direct sunlight
- Exposing the bottle to constant sunlight will imbalance the elements, making the perfume ineffective
Shocking Information on fakes
Recently, the amount of fakes available on eBay has significantly reduced due to a huge number of complaints from buyers and trademark owners.  However, fakes designer items are still easily available on eBay.  Counterfeit perfumes & other designer items (bags, clothing etc.) are a huge problem, the producing & selling of these items are ILLEGAL.  Even if you OWN a counterfeit product, you could be fined.  They are mainly manufactured in China but can come from all over the world.  The brands which are most often replicated include Chanel, Dior, Hugo Boss, Bvlgari, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Giorgio Armani.  They contain some horrifying ingredients including goats urine as a stabliser, vodka as a cheap form of alcohol, and acetyl cederen which causes contact dermatitis.
These products are not only detrimental to our health, but counterfeit items are proven to be directly linked to drugs, child pornography, organised crimes and prostitution.  The sales of these items support sweat shops.
How can I tell if its a fake?
These days, its extremely difficult to tell a fake just by looking at it due to technical advances in digital printing.

- If you're unsure about an item, ask the seller if they will offer a full money back guarantee including postage.  If the seller refuses, the product is most likely dodgy.  A seller who is confident that their product is authentic would have no problem guaranteeing this.

- Look at the other items they are selling and what they have previously sold, is there a pattern of selling just one particular brand or fragrance? 

- Look at the prices - if the seller has continually sold designer fragrances much below the RRP, this is very suspicious. 

- PAY THROUGH PAYPAL so that you are protected in case you receive a fake. 

- Once you receive your product, take it to Myer or David Jones and have it authenticated.

- Check the feedback of the seller, if they have any negative feedback stating 'counterfeit' or 'fake', steer clear!

- Once you receive your perfume, look out for signs like overall quality of the product, if its cheap looking quality than it probably is!  If you notice any skin irritation & the smell disappears or becomes pugnant in a short time, these are sure signs of a fake.  Also look out for floaties in the bottle & excessive oiliness.

- REPORT REPORT REPORT!  If you receive a fake, report it to eBay immediately and open a Paypal claim.  If you suspect an eBay listing advertising a fake, report it even if you don't intend on buying.

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