Baby Einstein

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Have you ever heard of Baby Einstein ?  These are some of the best videos ever made for your baby or toddler.  I know, I know, starting children on videos at a young age is controversial, but I happen to be in the camp that thinks it's okay and heathly to show young children the right videos in moderation.  

Baby Einstein was started by a Julie Agner-Clark several years ago, and she eventually sold to Disney (lucky her!) which then took the product line to the next level in terms of variety and production value.  But the idea is simply to present real life objects, puppets and childern set to very appealing music.  Or as Ms. Agner Clark puts it, providing "baby-friendly learning adventures that parents and toddlers will love."  Let's run through a few of the videos:

Language Nursery - this is the original, where it all began.  It might appear low budget by today's standards, but it's a classic and very good for babies (your toddler may find it less interesting than the others)

Baby Mozart - a great, pre-Disney acquisition video.  Still more low budget, but hey, that can be charming right?  Excellent soundtrack on this one, my kids loved it! 

Baby Shakespear - this is a great one for babies or toddlers, many puppets, poems, and children.  This could be Agner-Clark's crowning acheivement

Baby Doolittle - tons and tons of great animals in this one.  Great for any animal-loving toddler!

Baby Newton - one of the first efforts from Disney, a very good video, but the higher production value may disappoint those who love the low budget feel of the original videos.

There are so many more, and you can't really go wrong.  Just promise me you'll never use the "repeat play" functionality on the DVD's ;-)

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