Baby Proofing Your Home Baby Home Safety Tips

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You're expecting your new baby any day now. Everything is a blur with all the excitement and nervousness. You've got the bag packed and ready to go. You have your doctor's phone number programmed into your phone. The tank is full of gas.

These are things that all expecting parents go through when the time draws near. But often, more important things are overlooked, such as making sure your home is safe for baby to come home. There are only a few things you must do to babyproof your home, but they are things that can not be overlooked.

The first thing to do is ensure there are no allergens floating around. Dust all the ceiling fans, air vents and pictures hanging on the walls. Take down and wash all your curtains. Wipe down baseboards. Anything that can collect dust should be cleaned, as dust in the air can irritate baby's lungs and make it hard for her to breath.

Cigarette smoke is also considered an allergen. If you smoke in your home, stop doing it now. Cigarette smoke contains tar that sticks to everything. Not only does the tar contain carcinogens that are bad for baby to breathe, but the sticky tar also allows more dust to collect, causing a sticky, dirty mess.

Once you have all the possible allergens take care off, it's time to start thinking like baby. Get down on your hands and knees in the floor. Spend some time crawling around. Look for cords, plugs, cabinets, chemicals, anything that is in baby's reach needs put away or made safe.

All electrical outlets in the house need safety plugs installed. These plastic plugs can be purchased at most hardware stores and chain stores like Target. They simply slip into the open plugs and cover them, preventing your precious baby from sticking her fingers in the plugs.

Any cabinet doors and drawers need safety latches installed to keep baby from opening them. The latches are easy to install. The latches come with all the hardware you need, you just need to use a screwdriver to attach them.

The next thing you should look for are chemicals and poisons. Household cleaners, bleach, even soaps and shampoos can be poisonous to your little one, and should be put away out of baby's reach. If you have a garage or laundry room shelf, it would be wise to store them there to ensure that baby can't open them and drink them. Although most bottles now have childproof lids, you should never completely put your faith in them.

If you have mini-blinds you need to make sure that baby can't reach the cords. A cord can easily become wrapped around baby's neck, choking her. Tie them up or cut them off to prevent this from happening.

Once you are sure that everything is out of baby's reach, and your floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped, it's time to sit back and relax. You've done a great job making sure baby's new home is safe for her. Now concentrate on bringing your little bundle of joy into the world.

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