Baby Walker from auctionbasementaustralia...ridiculous

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This gude was written by Katzoo(ebay member as well) who was also a victim of this ridiculous product have a read>>>>>

There is more to Ebay, than one may be aware of...and that is the Ebay politics.

Not always is the possitive feedback you are reading about a seller, correct!

Many people (refering to Ebay buyers here) give not so correct feedback, solely to protect their own feedback status. I would be one of those culprits.

Here's my experience....

I have been looking for a baby walker for my child and did thorough investigation before I decided on any bidding - my investigating included reading through numerous feedbacks of those, that had previously bought the same walker as the one I had my heart set on.

All the feedback I read, was possitive, ...buyers were happy with their item etc...some even went to the extreme to describe the product as A1 and that it was as described.

I bought the 2 in 1 "MULTI-FUNTIONS BABY WALKER ROCKER MUSICAL TOYS TRAY $1" (Item number: 290205030266) from an Ebay Store (for $26 - not including P&H). I was confident I was buying a good product from the seller (AUCTIONBASEMENTAUSTRALIA)because of all the possitive feedback left by other buyers.

Very dissappointed I was when I finally got the product - especially as this was my first Ebay purchase and now had in return majorly, lowered my confidence buying from Ebay again.

This item arrived very quickly - yep and thats what I based my possitive feedback on, for the seller.....but as for the rest....very dissappointing. The walker arrived in a very poor, flimsy, partially opened cardboard box and the image on the cover, gave away the first clue...that this was anything but a safe Australian product - straight away, I could tell that this was one of those products you see in the cheap discount $2 asian shops and this walker was deffinatelly not even worth $2. The P&H price for me was $39 - also a major rip off!!!

The product was described as being very snug, safe and having safety features. This is completely incorrect and is very unsafe. My child slipped through the leg space and was trapped underneath. There are NO safety features on this walker.  I also had to reinforce the seat underneath, with a seat-belt type material, as the seat would literally rip at the seams as soon as any pressure was put on it! I cannot put my child in it.

I know I should have returned the product and said it as it was, item was not as described because it certainly is not safe. I regret now very much, not taking this action and I regret not leaving correct feedback...hence the reason I am writing this review!

I recently went back to check out the seller's recent feedback on the walker and whether it is still being sold and came across a few unlucky buyers who had taken the courage and gave correct feedback and said excactly as the item is. Absolute rubbish and poor quality! Good on you, for having the guts!

What did this cost them in return... a "damaged" feedback's where the politics come in to it. A seller (usually a shifty Ebay store seller) won't  leave you possitive feedback as soon as you have paid for your item (which is the way it should be)....they will wait and see what feedback you leave for them first and then they will give the same back - regardless of the truth! The Ebay seller, replied to their feedbacks as false, saying the buyers didn't assemble the walker properly etc...being a buyer of this product...I know very well what rubbish it really is and has nothing to do with any incorrect assembling.

I bow my head to you, who have the guts to say it as it is but in return suffer the consequences - a scarred reputation!!!

Also may I add ..... I  contacted the seller numerous times prior to any bidding, asking the seller if the item met the Australian Safety Standards - I never ever heard a peep from them. Yet I still went ahead and finally bidded on one......stupid is as stupid does really....I learnt my lesson!

Moral of this story - think twice, before you decide to use other buyers' left feedback as the main factor on your decision to buy a product from Ebay!!!!!!!! Listen to what your gut feeling is telling you....but even that sometimes doesn't work :o(




Cheers Katzoo




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