Baby saving secrets No.2

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Baby wipes really aren't the most convenient thing ever.

A bulk pack (about 7-9 cents cheaper per wipe than a "handy" size) weighs a tonne and takes up a bit of space.

You struggle to get them out of the packet, wipe baby's bottom and then ... struggle to get another one out of the packet and ...

Multiply this by the 2.5 years (the average time children wear nappies) and you are looking at $1,000-$2,000 per child, and that;s a conservative estimate. No doubt, once you get the hang of the convenience, you find yourself using the wipes, not just at nappy change time, for everyone and everything. 

If you don't believe me, get on to Coles online, which lists the price per wipe, and do the maths yourself. 

And mutiply the thousands of these non-biodegradable poo-covered wipes in landfill and think about what they are doing to the environment.

So, how do you cut the cost down to, let's say, between $5-$30? Easy. Get some polar fleece and cut it into face-washer sized pieces, or face washers from a discount store or chain, or save yourself the time and buy them on eBay.

Then simply wet it in warm water and wipe. There's nothing nicer than having your bum wiped with a warm face washer. Or keep a mist spray bottle of water on the change table.

Simple, old-fashioned and effective.



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