Baileys Recipe

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Like if this Guide is helpful
If you like Baileys then this is really great as it is much better than Baileys and it is also much cheaper.

This is the recipe for Baileys my late partner use to make.
You end up with about 3L for about $40au if you use cheap whiskey.

You need;
1 x 700ml bottle of whiskey. (It can be cheap or expensive)
2 x 395ml cans of sweetened condensed milk.
6 x eggs
2 x teaspoons of good coconut essence.
4 x tablespoons of really good chocolate topping.
A blender or a  large bowl and electric hand mixer.
4 x clean and empty 700ml screw top bottles. Old whiskey bottles are just right.

Note; If you use a blender you will need to halve the mix and make this in two lots as most blenders do not hold enough.

Add the condensed milk, eggs, essence, and topping to the blender or bowl.
Blend or mix on high for about 15 seconds until it is just mixed. Do not blend or mix too long as it can curdle.
Add the whiskey.
Blend or mix on high for about 15 seconds. Do not blend or mix too long as it can curdle.
Decant into bottles and chill in the fridge. (Leave some room in the bottle to make it easy to mix by shaking later)
When cold this is ready to enjoy.

Serve this on ice or as is.
If you want this a bit different put some ice and Baileys in your blender and blend quickly. You end up with slightly crunchy Baileys. Don't use too much ice.

This must be kept refrigerated.
Shake well before serving.
I have had this 12 months after it was made and it was still great.

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