Bargains on ebay. The real bargains. =1 Cent Auctions=

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This Ebay Guide is on how to find extreamly good deals on ebay australia and on ebay international sites. Also this works extreamly well on ebay US.

When i first joined ebay i thought it was great buying this and that i thought how cheap could things be on ebay i would buy cheap items that are a dollar thinking i have goten the greatest deal but after some time and quite a while looking for a method to find cheap items it comes down to this. So i looked around and found items to be at lowest around $1.00 but if you search a term like "ipod" or "screen protector" and then click on sort items in decending order by Price + Shipping: lowest first you might see auctions that have a few minutes left that are going for prices from 1 cent to 10 cents with FREE shipping alot of these items are sold probably to gain selling feedback or detailed seller ratings they could probably also afford it because they might have a premium ebay store or a anchor ebay store but if you can get a screen protector or a set of them for as little as 1 cent's and other items for that price then its worth it and you will get feedback for your few cents instead of paying around $1.00 or more. Also this can work on international ebay sites because the bargains there are free shipping. Thank you so much for reading my guide.

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