Barking and Growling

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If you have a dog that barks and growls and shows his teeth in a threatening way, it means he is getting ready to bite you. Please do not squirt water in his face or up his nose and do not threaten him. You should consult with your veterinarian or dog psychologist.

Barking When You Are Not Home
  • You need to make sure that you have done all the basic things:
  • Make sure that your dog has food and water,
  • Make sure he has a comfortable place to relax where he can't see people or other pets,
  • If necessary, bring him indoors.
The chance are high that if your dog is problem barker, he has never learned to be alone. He has become accustomed to your lavish attention without him having to earn it. He thinks he is the center of the world and when he finds himself abandoned he becomes distraught and then he starts  barking. This is a natural behaviour for all dogs.

You Should Be a Good Role Model

Your dog only hears, "blah, blah, blah", when you talk to him. The important thing when communicating with your dog, is the way you say the words and the body language you display when saying the words. If you make a big deal of things by repeatedly reassuring your dog that everything is ok and you'll be back soon, then you really are making things worse. If you then excitedly greet your dog when you arrive home, it reinforces the idea in your dogs mind, that when he stays alone all day, it really is a big deal.

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