Basic Guide to Buying Anything on eBay

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Before you buy anything, shop around. Either search through the appropriate categories or do a keyword search. If there are many items, you can still reduce the numbers of items shown by selecting either new or used items. Or if there aren’t many items that show up in your initial search, make sure you search worldwide. If there are plenty of items from overseas and you want to reduce the items shown, why not click on ‘show Paypal only’ in the left column. If you click on ‘advanced search’ you can refine your selections. If you’ve narrowed your search to a few, add them to your watch list. This way it’s easier to find them, and you can compare them (price, condition, postal charges etc).

Make sure you read all of the description, including the fine print!

Then check out the sellers. Click on their feedback rating score and see what their % is. Do they have any negative feedback? Read the recent comments. This gives you a good insight into the sellers track record. If a seller has a score of 1000 feedbacks and 100% rating, surely this is a trustworthy seller. But if you come across someone who has a score of 20 and has received 2 negatives, check the feedback comments. I’d be a bit wary.

See what other items the seller is selling. You can even check what items the seller has sold recently by searching 'items by seller' in advanced search.

Always check the payment methods and terms from the seller. Are they acceptable to you? Click on ‘ask seller a question’ if you have any queries, preferably before you win/buy.

If the seller has several items that you’re interested in, and they don’t mention combined shipping, ask seller a question.

Pay promptly. Sellers like nothing better than a prompt payment.

If you're happy with the item, leave positive feedback. If there is a problem, contact the seller first to resolve the problem. Most sellers offer a money back guarantee. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact eBay for their advice. Then leave appropriate feedback.

Don’t forget that sellers can’t be at their computer 24/7, so it may take a day to respond to your questions, especially if they're on the other side of the world!

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