Basic Introduction to Selling, Sales and Marketing

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  • Before you start selling, research what you are selling. Look at price on and off eBay, descriptions and rate of sales.

  • Check with eBay policy to see if item banned or restricted.

  • You are what you read. Read some marketing books at the library.

  • The title is most important, this how people find you, the eBay search engine matches buyers search to all the words in the title. Make sure the all the words are spelt right as well as tell the buyer what the product is.

  • The best search words to use are make or brand, items proper name. LOOK does not sell.

  • Many people fail to sell because the item has wrong title wording.

  • Next comes description. Honestly describe the relevant details such as size, colour, condition and faults.

  • Be more specific in description, but keep it simple.

  • Next is the photo. This is as important as title. Learn to edit your photos, crop is a start as you want to just show item. When making your photo have plain background, people do not want to look at your lounge room or kitchen. If photos are not good enough for you to look at, then they are not good enough for anyone.

  • Gallery can be well worth it.

  • Keep your photos at low resolution because people with dial up will move on if your photo takes too long to load.

  • Marketing is presentation of your product. Just as companies look at what the other is doing, you need to look at what you are doing compared to other eBay sellers..

  • Look at your presentation and ask "Do I want to buy this?".

  • Never under estimate the value of asking for help.

  • When starting you need a good reputation, so answer questions quickly.

  • Starting price. You should list at the price that will cover item cost and the fees.

  • A little bit extra packing now saves dollars in the future. Post office will not pay damages on poorly packed items. Always box fragile items.

  • Number one thing to remember is COMMUNICATION. Always notify buyer of win with postage quote and payment details. Always notify buyer payment received and when item posted.

  • Leave feedback when you feel transaction over.

Remember eBay is safe place to buy and sell.

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