Basics of selling from Australia

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Cost: It cost nothing to register with eBay, however there are selling fees that are clearly displayed when creating a listing. Listings cost a minium of $0.30 and depend on features and selling price as to how much more is charge. For a complete list of fees go here: Selling fees

The best advice for selling from Australia is to always sell from in Australia dollars (which is the default currency when selling from

Most of the people that will be interested in your product will be in Australia. Buyers from over seas will only be interested if it is an exceptional product that they can't get in their own country and if that is what they are looking for your product will come up on their country's site with a conversion of price in their currency, provided you chosen the "Will post internationally (worldwide)" option when listing.

When selling always save all your work on your computer. eBay will delete your listing without notice if they don't like something on it, wether it is a valid reason or not!

An absolute rule you must follow if you want to encourage overseas buyers is to OFFER PayPal !!!!! as a payment option. If you do not offer PayPal your overseas customer interest will decline dramatically as any other payment method is to expensive and difficult for overseas buyers to use. However PayPal takes about 3.5% of the sales cost to as their service fee and you can't get to the paid money unless you want to pay an extra fee or your account has more then $150 in it. To get around this it is against eBay's policy to charge a surcharge so the best thing to do is advise Australia winners to use an alternative payment method unless the PayPal system works for you.

Another useful tip is to workout and give at least a rough postage cost both within Australia and Overseas. The way to do that is visit Australia Post at With rough quotes it is best to state that "this is only a rough estimate, exact cost will be invoiced upon sell, or you can email me you details so as to work out the cost prior to sale." And put this and the rough cost in you item description and don’t put anything in the postage cost section unless you are sure you can post for that price. Remember, when selling, an attitude of service and willingness to help is of the utmost importance!

Basic sales tip is to be as descriptive as possible about the item you are selling. Defiantly describe any flaws or if there are none state that there are none. Always provide at least one picture of the item, after all the first picture is free and if your item is visually important eg. art work, jewellery always have a photo of it in the gallery. You may get more people visiting your listing if you don't, but most of them will just want to see what it looks like and are not interested in buying it, also there is a chance that the right buyer will over look it if there is no photo in the gallery.

Now, how to get started:

1. Sign in to your eBay account. If you don't have one go to the home page, find a little link saying "Hello! Sign in or register." at the top of the page, under the boxes with 'Buy', 'Sell', 'My eBay' etc. click on the blue 'register' link. and follow the prompts.

2. Always do a search for your item before listing it and take note of the category it or something like it is listed in. Also how you found it, what keywords did you use? As they should always be included in the title. What have other similar listing included in their title. And an absolute must with titles is to GET THE SPELLING RIGHT!

3. Now go to the top of the search results page and click on 'Sell'. Now choose one of the sell options and click 'Sell your item' and follow the prompts.

Note: To format your item description you will need to know some HTML if you don't, simple and easy to follow HTML tips are available here: HTML tips

For a selling tutorial go here: Selling tutorial
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