Baste - Machine Basting, Hand Basting, Pin Basting

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Now if I haven't grew up around aunts that were all sewing crazy, and someone mentioned basting to me, I would have gone looking for the turkey. But when you are sewing, basting or baste, means to temporarily join fabric together with large removable stitches.

You use basting to hold something in place to test the fit or the look of an alteration and it help control fabric for final stitching. It is also used to temporarily close a seam to insert a zipper.

Their are three ways to baste.

1) Machine Basting
2) Hand Basting
3) Pin Basting

Following is how you do it!

1) Machine Basting    
Step1     Place the pieces of fabric in the correct position
Step2     Loosen the thread tension on your sewing machine.        
Step3     Set your machine's stitch length to its longest.        
Step4     Stitch along the seam or hemline.        

2) Hand Basting      
Step1     Place the pieces of fabric in the correct position.
Step2     Make a series of running stitches along your hem or seam line.
Step3    With a threaded needle sew up through the fabric, then down and up again, at roughly 1/4-inch intervals.
Step4    Make several stitches with your needle before pulling the thread through.
Step5    Complete the stitching by making two backstitches close together.
Step6    Then stitch the fabric together.
Step7    Now remove your hand basting by picking out the backstitches.
Step8    Then just pull the thread through to remove it.    

3) Pin Basting
Step1     Place the pieces of fabric in the correct position.
Step2     Insert dressmaker pins through both pieces of fabric so the pins are at right angles.
Step3    Place a pin about every 2 to 3 inches.
Step4    If the fabric needs adjusting then do it now and then re-pin.
Step5    Then sew the fabric together, after you've made sure that your seam or hemline is correct.
Step6    * Play it save and remove the pins as you get to them. Some machines can get damaged if you don't remove the pins.

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