Bathroom Ideas for Small Spaces

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Spacious bathrooms are versatile and easy to upgrade, but space-restricted bathrooms require creative innovations to keep them fully functional, as well as eye-catching. While it is important to make the most of available leg room, careful decoration also creates the illusion of a larger space. Here are several suggestions for turning a small and unattractive bathroom into a space worthy of the throne.

Upgrade the Bathroom Fixtures

Upgrade the Bathroom Fixtures In a small bathroom, free space is a luxury. Instead of using standard plumbing fixtures with traditional dimensions, opt for one of the modern versions. Newer bathroom fixtures are often designed with smaller spaces in mind, and they conform to the unique specifications of the room.
If space is very limited, choose a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. This avoids the bulk of a vanity, and it frees up room for extra decor. Vanity sinks are still applicable, but they need to be narrow and multi-functional. Like sinks, toilets should be small and efficient. Wall-mounted units are ideal for small spaces since they have eliminated the floor bulk.
As space savers, showers provide the most significant opportunity for change. Gone are the days of off-colour moulding with thick rims and bulky shower door tracts. Showers have become sleek and nearly invisible; glass panels let the shower compartment blend into the surroundings. Choose a glass-panelled shower, or opt for one without doors. These walk-in showers fit into tight spaces and funnel water down a drain on the floor.

Replace Harsh Lighting

Replace Harsh Lighting An exterior bathroom with natural lighting gives off a warm glow, but a windowless interior bathroom is deprived of all warmth. One of the worst ways to illuminate a bathroom is with high-ceiling fluorescent lighting. Instead, look for upward-facing wall-mounted light fixtures with sculpted corners. These fixtures channel light where it is needed, but the glass shifts the beam into warmer tones. Recessed lights on ceilings or walls also provide proper illumination.

Decorate to Impress

Decorate to Impress While too much décor clutters a room, too little simply emphasises the smaller dimensions. Hang framed prints on several walls, and add decorative detailing around the sink. Mirrors are excellent for creating the illusion of larger space and can be purchased in person or online. Opt for horizontal mirrors that wrap around corners or two vertical mirrors placed side by side. If space allows, add additional decorations to hanging shelves or small foot stools.

Add Cabinets and Shelving

Add Cabinets and Shelving Floor-to-ceiling cabinets take advantage of a small space. As vertical features, these cabinets offer generous storage without the bulk of a large wardrobe. Retain the doors to hide clutter, or unscrew them for convenience. Shelving installed around the bathroom door combines functionality with space-saving techniques. Recessed shelves add dimension, free up floor space, and allow for extra storage.

Amplify the Colour Scheme

Amplify the Colour Scheme Colour adds vitality and dimension to a small space. Wallpaper is overpowering, so skip the printed and geometric patterns, and opt for rich and complementary paint tones instead. Brown, blue, green, and gold work well in the bathroom, and these colours can be combined with tile or stucco for added effect. Horizontal lines and accent walls also enhance the space and ensure it retains a touch of class.


From fixture upgrades and shelving displays to accent décor and colour schemes, small bathroom renovations are simple to achieve. Careful planning, combined with a flair for versatility, turn any small space into a room of luxury and comfort.

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