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Multipoint Technologies is proud to represent several manufacturers in the supply of bathroom scales giving you the customer a choice of product and price. All our products have been carefully selected for reliability and function range. Multipoint Technologies specializes in the providing of superior quality items.

We source all our scales from the world's  leading factories with some of our products having international award winning credentials.

When comparing products with those of other suppliers you may find that on paper the specifications appear similar, but this does not mean that the quality of the scale is comparable.   Our products are crafted from the highest specification components and materials. The items have a greater level of environmental stability, thus making long term performance and usability possible.

At multipoint on a daily basis we find ourselves shocked at prices.    Firstl the prices that retail stores charge for comaparable products that are generally inferior to our own.   Then secondly, and most disappointingly, we often see uninformed eBay buyers purchasing "cheap" scales for astronomical prices.  The scales we supply cost in several cases 4 or 5 time the price wholesale from the factories compaired to other sellers products and for good reason!  

When purchasing scales, ultimately you need to be looking for accuracy and functionailty.  Some scales might appear to have on paper this ability to perform,  however at Multipoint we know when the factory only charges $10 for a complete scale and we know that an accurate guages can only be purchased for that amount alone, it does not difficult  to realise that some manufactures have compromised on quality.

At Multipoint we hope to educate our customers in making an informed choice and we try to explain all features and specifications in plain English. A tactic commonly used by traders is to confuse potential customers with complicated scientific wording about their products. We endeavor to provide you with information that is understandable and relevant to your purchase. As with all electronic devices occasionally problems can occur, Multipoint staff are trained to assist in support and we provide the best levels of service to our clients.   All warranty issues are dealt with here in Australia.

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