Be carefull buying, protection is not always there.

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I recently bought some sportswear from the USA, it had the Paypal buyer protection logo on the item, great I thought, I'm covered.

WRONG.... I was not, the item arrived and it was a oily, greasy sticky old crappy rotten lycra item. I complained to last1of12 who sold it, she replyed after quite some time.

Basically she said tough, your problem. I complained to Paypal and they said it was not in sold in accordance with their rules so they can do nothing.

Message here is if you get ripped off by a dishonest seller your stuffed.

No one will help or care, including Payapl. wow gee wiz... you get to leave negative feedback but it's only 80 characters, big deal.!!!

how do you explain what happened to other people.

Personally I am happy to help and refund if for any reason you find the item sold to you is not what I describe it as.

I will help no matter what, you do not need to have the so called protection up to $3000 from Paypal listed on my items as I found out it will not help.

This is the second time I have been caught all from overseas sellers.

Any questions then please contact me.




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