Be specific in your titles when selling and make more $

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One of the things that is going to get you more hits on your for sale item, is being specific in the title.  More hits = more bids!  You'd be surprised by the amount of items up for sale with a title such as "Boys clothes" - so size, no description, no condition!  Who would want to look at that!?!

Writing a title such as "Fred Bare blue boys jacket size 2 BNWT" is going to attract alot more interest.  This applies for all items of course. 

When it comes to music, ofter the country or origin comes into play as well.  If you have a CD which is not pressed in Australia, this could mean its a hot item when it comes to collectors - so advertise it!

Ebay has pages which can help when it comes to writing a good add for your product.  You can find these at seller info

Remember, that ultimately, to more people who look at your item, the more chance you have of making more money from it - and isnt that why we sell?

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