Beach Comber Metal Detector Buying Guide

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Beach Comber Metal Detector Buying Guide

Beachcombing, where a beachcomber spends time searching the beach for items of value or interest, is a popular pastime. A metal detector is an essential item for this activity, as it is needed to find any metal items which have become buried beneath the sand.

A variety of different types of metal detector are available which can offer a range of features, and differing suitability for the activity of beachcombing. For example, a good feature to look for in a metal detector being bought for beachcombing is a water proof coil. Many detectors are splash proof, while some may offer a coil that can be submerged. A wide range of metal detectors can be found on eBay.

Parts of the Metal Detector

When deciding on a metal detector, it can be useful to know the different parts which make up the typical metal detector.

Control Box

The control box holds the majority of the electronics in a metal detector, including the microprocessor, batteries and any controls which the detector may feature. The majority of metal detectors include a control box.


All standard metal detectors include a shaft. The shaft connects the control box to the search coil. The length of the shaft can vary depending on the model of metal detector, and some may offer adjustable shafts.

Search Coil

The search coil is another key component of the metal detector. This is the part of the detector which emits the electromagnet field which detects metal. The size of the coil is a key aspect to consider. Larger coils have a wider and deeper area of detection, but can be less accurate than smaller, more focused coils.


Some metal detectors may include stabilisers. The stabiliser helps the user to keep the coil straight and steady as they swing the detector in a search pattern, and this can be a useful feature.

Display Monitor

Many metal detectors will include a display monitor, often consisting of an LCD screen which is either part of the control box or in a separate, sometimes detachable unit. The display monitor can offer the user easy access to a range of useful, key information.

Characteristics of a Metal Detector

There are a number of important aspects of a metal detector which should be taken into consideration when purchasing a detector for beach combing. This includes key specifications such as the weight, and size, of the detector.

· The weight of a metal detector should be considered. Consider how long a detector will be used for, and the weight which the user will be comfortable with carrying for that length of time. If the user finds heavier metal detectors uncomfortable to use, a variety of lightweight models are available.

· The size of a metal detector, and the search coil, are also important factors in a metal detector. The length of that shaft can make the detector useful for different situations, while larger coils can cover a greater area, but are less accurate.

· The sensitivity of a metal detector should also be considered. This is often measured in the range of the device in meters. This should generally be smaller than the area in which the detector is to be used, as otherwise it may pick up items which are outside of the area.

Features of a Beach Comber Metal Detector

Metal detectors are available which can offer a wide range of features useful for beachcombing.


As beachcombing will often involve taking a metal detector near the sea, where it is likely to come into contact with water, it is essential that a beach comber metal detector should be waterproof. This will ensure that the metal detector will continue to function should it get splashed, or caught in sea spray.


More expensive models of metal detector may also include a submersible coil. This means that not only is the metal detector waterproof against splashing, but it can also remain functional when fully submerged in water. This allows for the beachcomber to go further into the water.

Vibrating Feedback

Most metal detectors make use of a beeping sound to alert the user of proximity to any detected metal. An alternative is available in the form of vibrating metal detectors. Some users prefer this kind of feedback, and some models are available which include both kinds.


Wireless, or radio, metal detectors can be wirelessly paired with another control device. This can be useful for smaller, hand held detectors such as wands.

Adjustable Shaft

Metal detectors featuring a shaft with adjustable length are also available. This offers versatility to the metal detector, and also enables the user to adjust the length to that which they find comfortable to use.

Beach Comber Metal Detector Accessories

A variety of useful accessories are also available for use with metal detectors, which can be useful for getting the most out of a detector.

· Picks and trowels are small tools that are easily carried and can be invaluable when investigating any metal items which have been found with a metal detector.

· Control box covers are also available, which are designed to be placed over the control box. These provide protection from rain and sand, and often feature a transparent design so that any included screen can still be used.

· If a metal detector is going to be frequently transported, a bag can be a useful accessory, providing a safe place to store and transport a metal detector and any accessories.

How to Buy a Beach Comber Metal Detector on eBay

A wide variety of metal detectors suitable for beachcombing, along with a range of accessories, can be found on eBay.

· The full listing of available metal detectors can be viewed through the Electronics portal, in the Metal Detectors section of the Gadgets category.

· Items can be arranged by categories such as price, condition and brand.

· Key information about an item, such as any features the metal detector offers, will often be included in the item listing, making it easy to quickly establish if an item meets any specific needs.

· More detailed information about an item can be viewed on the item page, which also includes information about the seller, such as item reviews and feedback ratings. This helps to ensure that a purchase can be made with confidence.

· If a particular metal detector is needed, it may be more effective to make use of the search function which can be found at the top of every page. Entering a keyword into the search bar will return relevant results from across the site, or from within a specified category.

· Look out for any deals on metal detectors which may be available in the Electronics category.


Metal detectors are widely used for a variety of purposes, and a popular use for metal detectors is beach combing. Metal detectors can be used to find all kinds of interesting, rare or valuable metal items while beachcombing, and different sensitivities of detector can be found to meet different needs.

Some metal detectors also offer features which are useful for beachcombing, including waterproof search coils and display monitors. Numerous accessories, such as picks for investigating a find, or travel bags, are also available. A wide range of metal detectors, and other electronic gadgets, can be found on eBay.

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