Beaming Gold and Sparkling valuables again

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##  Let your gold jewellery shine in new splendor! ##

Your gold jewellery has lost its glance, it has become dull and matt and shall shine again?
No problem. Bring out the lustre with the following tips.

Tip 1

Give em a bath of sal amoniak (ammonium chloride). Some drops in one liter of warm water will do.

You don't have any by the hand right now?  O.K., no problem, try this:

Tip 2

A cleaner for dental plate will not only give sparkle and gloss to your teeth but also to your gold-jewelry.  Let it take effect over night and rinse and wipe it the next day.

You don't belong to the ones wearing an artificial denture?  Try the following:

Tip 3

Rub in your gold-jewelry with an onion and let the onion-juice affect some hours. Then polish and furbish it with a smooth cloth until its glossy.

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