Beanie Kids, A Guide to Buying, Selling and Collecting

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When buying and selling Beanie Kids (BK's) there are several things to note such as Bears Condition, the Swing and Tush Tag Condition and the Bears History. Is the bear Rare, is he in great condition, are you a collector or just someone who likes BK's? If the bear is rare he will be harder to find in As New condition so therefore will be worth more, see below.


When looking at the Condition some or all of the following may apply.
As New/Mint - No Marks, dirt or dust. No smell such as cigarrettes or musty. Swing and Tush Tag must be mint, see below. All Accessories/clothing must be intact.
Excellent - Swing Tag may be Removed, Tush tag intact. Bear may have a small mark on it or loose stitch. All Accessories/clothing must be intact.
Good - May have Damaged Swing Tag or No Tag, is clean and not smell. Still has most Accessories/clothing.
Fair - Dirty, Damaged, No Tag/s, Items or clothing missing. Eye or nose missing.

Collectors like their BK's to be as close to Mint as possible, their TAGS play a very important role in deciding just How Mint the bear is, a bear in excellent condition with No Tag could be worth $5 yet put his tag on and he can be worth anywhere from $12 - $150 depending on what bear it is! Here is a list of Tag Description Definitions:-


Mint - No Creases, Bends, Marks, Indents, Spills at all (A Pinprick of a mark is considered not mint.) Some Tags curve slightly, this is fine if there is no creasing.
Good - May have bent corners, a small or slight bend or crease and is clean.
Poor - Creased or Bent, Possible spill or other damage. General wear and tear.


There are several generations of tush tags, this is not important here though unless you have a special one (I will upload a guide to Tush and Swing Tags soon.)
The main thing to look at with the tush tags is are they intact and do the have any handwriting or name written on them e.g. a childs name. Some people do not mind but it is best to list any tush tag writings if there are any.

Sizing, i is important to get the Bears sizes Correct, if it is a Beanie Kid, it should fit into the palm of your hand sitting - approx 10cms tall standing, there are some special released bears that are 16cms tall. The There is the Cuddly Kids (CK) which are approx 26cms tall, the Great Big Kids (GBK) which are approx 80cms tall and then the massive Giant Great Big Kids (GGBK) standing at 100cms tall! If you are unsure look on the bears swing tag, on the back it will have a number under the barcode e.g CK033 which means he is a Cuddly Kid and number 33, Some also have it on their tushie tags also.

I will cntinue to add to this as i have time, with a list of Most Wanted and Best Selling Bears, if you have any questions dont be shy to ask!

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