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Avoiding the most common mistakes...

As most of you aren’t experts in pool management, even when you try to do everything the right way, you can make some errors when taking care of your pool.
Here are some of the most common mistakes people make with regards to their swimming pools:
• Running the filter for only a few hours a day. In summer time, you should not run your filter for less than 8 hours. During these hot months, it is important that your pool water is filtered extensively.

• Forgetting to test the water. Don’t forget that chemical balance and water testing have to be carried out every week, not only from time to time when the water starts to turn green.

• Adding chemicals to the water at the wrong time of day. When shocking your water or adding chemicals, do not do it in the morning or during the day but during the evening/night, this will help to increase its effectiveness.

• Forgetting to brush-clean the pool. Vacuuming your pool from time to time is very good, but do not forget to also brush clean your pool. A minimum of twice a week is best.

• Not regularly checking the pool pump. By regularly checking and cleaning the pool pump. A clean pump will help it run efficiently.
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