Bedroom Curtain Buying Guide

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Bedroom Curtain Buying Guide

Curtains are a necessity for any part of the world, they are decorative as well as functional. A set of curtains can finish off a room’s look by drawing certain themes such as patterns or colour together. Bedroom curtains can also be used to totally block out any light to promote a good sleep pattern. Selecting bedroom curtains can be a tricky business as curtains need to be measured to size and the correct materials needs to be considered. The guide aims to inform the buyer how to look for and buy curtains for the bedroom on eBay.

Information about Curtains

The earliest examples of curtains being used go as far back as Pompeii, these curtains were used for dividing rooms and creating privacy within a certain space. As materials and weaving techniques improved over the centuries, curtains became more readily available to the public. Blackout curtains were used during the Second World War to prevent aircraft from spotting towns at night time. Curtains offer a wide range of functions from heat insulation to reducing UV ray damage. Warmer countries will still have use for curtains, whilst not to maintain heat or prevent drafts in a room, curtains can add to privacy and protect the room from sun glare.

What to Look For In Bedroom Curtains

Before making a decision, the buyer needs to consider some important factors when selecting curtains. The want of the buyer needs to be balanced with what is available online and also the dimensions of the room etc:

· Function of the bedroom? Deciding the function of the bedroom from the start will help the buyer decide what type of curtain is needed. If the room is for a young child or baby then thick curtains for blocking early sunshine are useful, or if the buyer wants to keep heat in at night time thicker lined curtains are useful.

· Design? Is the buyer wishing to redesign the whole bedroom? The curtains can be a main theme to help tie together a certain colour theme or even texture. If the bedroom is heavily patterned then a simple plain fabric can complement the pattern. Similarly if the bedroom is plain in design then patterned curtains can make the window into a stunning focal point.

· Noise and Light Reduction? For those who live in warmer countries blocking out the early morning or late evening sunshine is important. Thick, heavy curtains can also have noise reduction qualities which are ideal for those who are light sleepers or live near a busy road.

· Fabric? The fabric choice will come down to the buyer’s personal preference, but the buyer may want light airy curtains or heavier fabric curtains.

· Size of window? The size and number of windows will be vastly important when purchasing curtains. Older houses may have bay windows so the curtains will need more fabric, whereas modern houses may have smaller windows. The buyer will need to measure their window carefully to ensure they pick the right size curtain for their windows.

· Curtain Pole or Tracks? How the curtain will be hung is important as it can impact on the measurement taken and how to secure the curtain to the pole/track. There are modern designs of curtains that come with large eyelet holes that slot straight onto the pole without the need of clips etc.

The Different Styles of Curtains Available

Curtains will come in a range of styles, some elaborate and modern whilst others are more simple and traditional. The following table breaks down the different styles of curtains found on eBay:

Flat Panel

Flat panel curtains are the most popular and simple style of curtain available. These are simply measured pieces of fabric bordered at four sides and are mounted onto curtain poles with clip on rings or small curtain hooks.

Tab Top Curtains

These are easy recognisable with the narrow straps/ tabs that slide over the top of the curtain rail. The range of materials will vary but tab top curtains are often made from heavier fabrics and are therefore ideal for cooler climate homes.

Eyelet Curtains

This type of curtain is sleek and modern, and is suitably named for its feature of large metal eyelets at the top of the curtain. These types of curtains have a more even look due to how the eyelets spread out the fabric.

Blackout Curtains

Also known as thermal curtains, these are densely woven and can consist of a few layers of fabric. These can come in the form or roll down curtains. Blackout curtains also act to help insulate the room from sounds.

The choice of fabric for curtains will be varied and depend on the buyer’s personal needs. Fabrics can be faux silks to heavy cotton-polyester mixtures. Curtains will also have two different types of headings such as pencil pleats and eyelets. This will determine the amount of folds the curtain will have. Eyelet headings will give a more uniform sort of fold. Curtains come lined or unlined, but lined curtains will have more UV protective properties and also help the curtain to hang better. Extra accessories for curtains will be fabric tie backs, these can match the fabric of the curtain or can be coloured rope with tassels or fake crystals on the end.

How to Measure For Curtains

It is important to get the measuring process correct, for most types of curtain poles/tracks follow these steps to get accurate measurements. Measurements can be taken in inches or centimetres, this will depend on the individual’s preference:

· Before taking measurements for the curtains it’s important to see if there is a curtain rail or curtain tracks in place. The curtain rail should be placed 15cm above the window and extend 15-20cm either side of the window. This will give ample coverage on both sides and prevent light coming through on the sides.

· Taking a metal tape measure, measure the width of the curtain rail excluding any end fixtures. Allow for an overlap of 2.5cm, this will account for the curtains overlapping in the middle.

· For measuring the length the buyer needs to decide if they want the curtains to come to the window sill or the floor. For curtains falling to the floor they should measure 1.5cm above the floor level. For curtains falling just past the window sill add on 15cm, and 1.5cm for curtains falling just above the window sill.

How to Buy Curtains on eBay

The internet is a vast market place and finding somewhere reliable to purchase curtains can be a task harder than selecting curtains. eBay however has a huge range of curtains in every style and colour that a buyer could need. The following steps should be followed to help the buyer make the most of eBay:

· The most efficient way of searching on eBay is to use keywords, this will involve typing specific search terms into the search bar on the eBay homepage. The buyer can enter terms such a ‘purple eyelet curtains’ to see what comes up, or if they are after a certain style they can enter ‘lined tab top curtains.’ Other searches could be based on the theme of the curtain for example ‘kid’s bedroom curtains.’

· Another option is to navigate to the Home & Garden portal and select the Curtains, Blinds tab and then Curtains. From there the buyer has the option to browse and select some of the categories, for example they can choose to view listings that are one colour such as brown. The type of material can also be selected.

· When researching listings on eBay it’s important for the buyer to keep safe, and this can be done by reading the product’s description closely. If unsure of any information, the buyer can contact the seller. It is also vital to cost the price of the postage when considering making a purchase.

· Browsing the latest eBay deals on curtains is advised, these deals are handpicked by eBay and can offer the buyer great savings, there is also often free postage included too.


Curtains are a vital piece of furnishing in the home, especially in the bedroom. Not only do curtains tie in the theme of the room, they can also be practical in reducing noise and preventing heat loss. Whether it is buying a set of curtains for a child’s bedroom, or some neutral lined curtains to improve the look of a bedroom, the buyer can easily do it on eBay. The internet is the ideal platform to purchase curtains from, but eBay offers a unique shopping experience whilst ensuring the buyer gets the best curtains for their budget.

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