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What is beyblade?

Beyblade is a spinning top toy, that you will need to make the beyblade to spin on the ground, by using a launcher. So, basically the game style is there are 2 player that launch their beyblade into a limited space platform , that we called it as war stadium or fighting arena. The 2 beyblade that launched into the arena will crashed and hitted each other inside the arena.

The beyblade that had been knocked out of the arena, or been stopped after crashed its opponent beyblade will be count as loser, and the beyblade that keep continue turning inside the arena will be count as winner :)

The players can set as their own competition rules when playing this beyblade fighting game, for example:

3 out of  2 - the same 2 players launch their beyblade into the arena, the player that win 2 games is the winner.

Dead or alive - the same 2 players only fight their beyblade 1 round in the arena and decide the winner.

Tournament style - If  there are more than 2 players in this beyblade game, say total 10 player. The 1st 5 player will need to against another 5 player indvidually. Loser knockout, winner stay and challenge the winner left, and the last winner become the champion.

Pointing system - All of the player need to fight against all the player, winner will get 1 point in each match, and the highest point gainer will be the winner :)

Of course, you can discuss with your friends to come out with your own set of game rule, just have fun :)

Beyblade Launcher

There are many kind of beyblade launcher that are available for you to chose from; the most geneal used by all of the beyblade fighters are snipe launcher, light launcher,
LR Launcher and Power Launcher. Different launcher had different method to launch the beyblade. You may need to buy different models of beyblade launcher to find the launcher that suit you most :)

LR Launcher

Light Launcher

Power Launcher

Snipe Launcher

Which Launcher is the best? Well, It depend on personal play style and there do not have a definite answer :) You may also discover that some beyblade will perform better with certain launcher, it is better to own them all and test the performance by yourself with different beyblade you have :)

As per my own experience, no matter which launcher you use, the trick to launch a powerful beyblade is fast when launching your beyblade, when you launch it fast, the beyblade can spin with more powerful and stable when landing on the stage, that make it hard to knock off,  try it yourself :)

Beyblade War Stadium

It is COMPULSORY to have a set of beyblade war stadium to organise your beyblade tournament. Why?  First, the beyblade war stadium is designed to be deeper level in the center of the war stadium itself - that make both of the beyblade can definitely meet and crash in the center of the war stadium itself, that guarantee your beyblade tournament excitement :)

If you organise your beyblade tournament on the same level platform, the 2 beyblade that launched may be spin by themselves at the place you launch them..  until they stop spinning also never fight with each other, which make the tournament boring :(

And it is important not to buy a small war stadium, make sure you buy a big one :)  I ll more recommend to get a beyblade that have minimum 30cm length or width one. Why? When the beyblade crash with each other, they bounce back after the crash, for next encounter, and crash again, the match will end after 3 - 5 crash,  if both of the beyblade player know how to launch their beyblade :)

If your beyblade war stadium size is too small, once the beyblade been bounce back after 1st crash, it will hit the arena wall easily and very high chance for the beyblade  to stop from spinning.. which reduce fun a lot :)

Sometime if both of the player can launch their beyblade skillfully, the powerful beyblade can fly out from the war stadium during powerful crash encounter :) But of course, the beyblade that knock out from the war stadium will be count as loser :)

Beyblde Master Arena Box

It is cool to own a set of beyblade Master Arena box :) Why?

* It can allow you to carry and keep your favorite beyblade and its accesory, together with the beyblade launcher nice and tidy.

* It makes you look cool and professional when you participate in beyblade tournament with your favorite beyblade :)  And also easily find your specific beyblade component easily during assembly your beyblade.

* As you know that beyblade itself is come with lot of accessory, ( from track, top, face, bottom, clear wheel of beyblade, launcher grip, and different launcher ). If you keep all your beyblade and accesories in a big plastic bag, You will look more like a santa claus :(  Beside, you will easily lost your beyblade accessory, and hard to find a specific part easily during the beyblade tournament. 

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