Beginner's Bargains

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New to EBAY?

Want to catch yourself a bargain?

Join EBAY.

Register as a buyer and a seller!

Enjoy the fun,excitement and thrill of being at an Auction, from the comfort of your office chair.

Peruse the Want IT NOW columns.

Do your market research.

What are people out there asking for?

Cater for the markets! You'll be surprised what people want.

Never send an item until their payment has turned up in your account, especially cheques need to be cleared.

Join PAYPAL- cheap for the buyer, a little expensive for the seller. Save up to $150.00 on PAYPAL- it'll cost you nothing to transfer it into your account.

If people don't pay by the required time, send a payment reminder. Don't be bashful- there are some who are not serious buyers.

Be flexible with postage- don't be concerned about using recycled material - everyone is on that waggon now. It saves youy heaps. Some of the best packed parcels I have received have just been wrapped in plastic and brown paper.

Answer all enquiries promptly- a buyer appreciates this.

Be truthful with your descriptions, but the old hint- accentuate the positive!!!!!!!

All for now. Thanks for listening. I also am learning about the process of buying and selling, and enjoying the bargains as they turn up.


N.B. PICK UP IF YOU CAN!!!!!! It saves you a fortune in postage.


It will be at your fingertips, while working out the mail costs.

Test the water. Find some categories you like- start bidding.

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