Beginners Guide To Winning A Bid!

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Its a familiar sight. 'Sorry you have been outbid, please bid again.' We all want to win that bargain bid but so do another 100+ across the globe. So how can you improve your chances of winning while not blowing out the budget and getting it for a steal of a price? Well I'm going to tell you how!

Usually, items dont get much interest in the way of bidding until the last 2 or so days. Although it might be 5 days left and only $58 for a brand new laptop, it wont really start gathering interest until theres only a small amount of days left. The secret is not to drive the bids up in these early days. If you were to bid on an item with 6 days to go, someone else will want to be top bidder, so they will bid higher. Then when someone else sees there outbid, someone yet again will bid so they are highest, and so on. If you refrain from doing this, the item will stay reletively low priced.

Another tip is to bid the highest amount you wish to go. If you bid $50 and the price is now $75, if someone bids $15, you will only pay $100 as eBay will automatically bid the lowest price to still keep you highest bidder.

Finally when it comes down to crunch time (last few minutes) this is when bidding will go berserk. Get ready to be outbid multiple times, and be fast to get another bid in. The best way to win is to keep bidding and with 15 seconds to go, put the biggest bid you wish to go in. With only 5 seconds remaining, this gives other bidders very little if any time to put there bids in, and hopefull, you will win the final bid.

Just a quick recap:

- Dont drive bids up early; bid late when there are only 2 hours or so left

- Bid as high as you can go; prevents people out bidding you

-Give it one last final boost of a bigger bid; doing this in the last few seconds makes it hard to be outbid

Well everyone, I hope this has been informative for you beginners. Have a good day and get ebaying!




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