Beginners Guide to Star Wars Customisable Card Game

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This is a Beginners Guide of The History of Star Wars Customisable Card Game
This Guide has been written with the beginner in mind to help you develop an understanding of the history of the game.
We assume that the person reading this guide has absolutely no knowledge about the Star Wars Customizable Card Game and wants to learn when and how it all began.

In a Galaxy far far away imperial forces headed by the evil Emperor and Darth Vader, and Rebel forces headed by Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi and Luck Skywalker were doing battle to seize control of the Galaxy.
The Star Wars Saga began with Star Wars Movie. George Lucas unleashed Star wars on the general public after teaming up with the creative talent of Mr Ralph MacQuarrie who was the man responsible for bringing color motion and depth to George Lucas's vision for the Star Wars Focre. Ralph MacQuarrie is the artist who designed virtually every thing in the Star Wars universe, from alien creatures to star war ships, mechanical droids, sets and scenery.
Together their combined vision for this epic adventure would make them one of the longest running, and third highest grossing $4.3 Billion film series in the history of film to date.

From Star Wars to Star Wars clone wars, there are now several films in order of release they are Star Wars 25th May 1977 (Later to be renamed "Episode IV A New Hope"), Empire Strikes Back 21st May 1980 (Later known as Episode V), Return Of The Jedi 25th May 1983 (Later Episode VI),Episode I The Phantom Menace 19 May 1999, Episode II Attack of The Clones 16 May 2002, Episode III Revenge of The Sith 19 May 2005.

Decipher Inc was licensed by Lucas Film Ltd to produce the game series. Decipher purchased the game rights from the designer and released their first version of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game in December of 1995 they produced many different sets of cards featuring the different films and settings of each of the movies, up until their license aggrement ended with Lucs Films Ltd in 2001.
Here is the list of the sets of cards including the year of manufacture, the number of cards in each set and the types of cards in each unique set, many of which are extremley Rare and highly sort after by collectors.
KEY: P = Promotional Cards, PM = Premium Cards, R, R1, R2 = Rare Cards, C = Common Cards, U = Uncommon Cards.
1995 Premium (99 Cards) includes (2 P, 97 PM)
1995 Reflections (154 Cards) includes (154 PM)
1995 Premiere (324 Cards) includes (60 R1, 48 R2, 216 C & U Cards)
1996 A New Hope (162 Cards) includes (30 R1, 24 R2, 108 C & U Cards)
1996 Hoth (162 Cards) includes (30 R1, 24 R2, 108 C & U Cards)
1997 Dagobah (181 Cards) includes (40 R, 141 C & U Cards)
1997 Cloud City (198 Cards) includes (92 R, 106 C & U Cards)
1998 Special Edition (325 Cards) includes (120 R, 44 F, 161 C & U Cards)
1998 Jabba’s Palace (180 Cards) includes (80 R, 100 C & U Cards)
1999 Endor (180 Cards) includes (80 R, 100 C & U Cards)
2000 Death Star II (181 Cards) includes (78 R, 2 UR, 2 XR, 99 C & U)
2001 Tatooine (99 Cards) (39 R, 60 C & U Cards)
2001 Coruscant (189 Cards) (79 R, 110 C & U Cards)
2001 Theed Palace (129 Cards) (49 R, 80 C & U Cards)
DECIPHER TOTALS: 2,563 Cards including (2 Promo, 251 Premium, 877 Rare, 1389 Common & Uncommon)

Star Wars Customizable Card game is a game of skill and strategy set in the universe of the Star Wars Galaxy. It is a game played between two people, one person plays the Ligt Side (Luke, Obi Wan Kenobi) the other player plays the Dark Side (Darth Vader, Stormtroopers) they battle between each other for ultimate control over the Galaxy and the destruction of the opposing force. All decks are composed of 60 cards each and the card pool is divided between light side and dark side.
There is online help for brand new players through the Star Wars Players Committee and Wookipedia.

The license to produce gaming cards was won by Wizards Of The Coast in 2001.
In January 2002 Wizards of the Coast produced the next series of gaming gards to follow on from the Star Wars CCG sets, Namely Attack of the Clones.

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