Beginners guide to E-Bay

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Beginners guide to E-Bay

The advantage however to using Ebay is the large number of people who use the site. When you advertise, you are reaching not only people from all over Australia, but people from all over the world. By having such a large target audience, you are more likely to sell your items quickly, and at the price you are after.

Beginners Guide to E-Bay

Before you decide to sell anything on Ebay, spend some time browsing their web site, and familiarise yourself with the terminology used, and look at the range of goods for sale. Find items which are similar to yours to gain an idea of how to word your advertisement, and to determine what price you can expect to sell your item for. Keep in mind that the selling price is not determined until the completion of the auction. For example, if the item currently has a high bid of $10.00, but the auction ends in 4 hours time, the selling price is likely to be higher than $10.00 when the auction ends. Most auction items increase in bid value in the final minutes of the auction. If you want to know the final selling price, you can select to have that item added to your ‘watched items’.

You will notice that many of the items being sold on Ebay are new. These items usually come with a warrantee, and insurance in case any problems arise in the delivery of the item. Whilst browsing, you may find yourself a bargain. Many items are substantially cheaper online than they are to purchase retail within Australia, even when you add the cost of shipping. The most common types of payment method are via direct credit into a bank account, or via credit card online. If however, you choose to purchase from an overseas seller, you will need to open an account with Paypal. This is a website which allows you to transfer money from your bank account or credit card, to virtually anywhere in the world.

You need to register with Paypal before you can use their services, which are usually free for purchasers. If you decide to buy from an overseas seller, it is a good idea to register with Paypal before you win the item as this saves time.



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