Behind the Furniture Legend

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The Old Lady, the House & the Story Behind the Legend

When I was a child I was a little different and picked on by the other kids because I had big ears, nose and feet. I guess I looked like an alien from another planet or an elephant of sorts... well I guess it just depended on each person's personal opinion. Anyways…
I remember we lived next door to this scary and mysterious old lady who in many ways was very misunderstood, just like me. She lived in what looked like the house straight from The Adam's Family movie. She was missing all of her front teeth and had a large hump on her back like a camel. She was at least 120 years old (or so I thought) and had this vicious cat named Sabre-tooth. I remember the kids in the neighbourhood were absolutely petrified of her and her cat. We always used to play games that tested our courage as to who could go furthest into her front yard. None of us lasted long as her cat was there waiting to pounce like a tiger.
As we grew older we naturally become more curious and adventurous. It was one particular summer day as I can recall that lead to a turning point in my understanding of myself and this old lady.
We were kicking around the football and it landed deep in her front yard, bounced off a tree and through an open window. None of the other kids dared to go in, however they made sure to threaten me to never play with them again unless I got the ball. What choice did I have? I snuck into the house and searched for our missing ball. While inside, my attention was drawn to this beautiful angelic music coming from another room. I slowly stepped into the room and was confronted by the most beautiful sight I had ever beheld. The room was filled with beautiful white furniture that sparkled like snow on a sunny day. It was an absolutely breathtaking sight to behold.
As I walked about the room in absolute amazement someone grabbed me from behind and I almost jumped out of my pants when I saw the old lady standing before me dressed in angelic white. She looked radiant and beautiful, like I had never seen her look before. She smiled and touched my cheek gently with her right hand and said something that I will never forget for the rest of my life,
"Dear child, you have no need to fear me, the other children or this wonderful world we live in. Within, you must understand that you are much like the crystal white furniture you see here before you, peaceful, serene, beautiful, strong, blessed and eternal. You are the angel hidden within every fragment of  being. This furniture represents eternal life, eternal bliss, it represents heaven. Take it as a gift to remind you always of the beauty that you carry within."
Straight after those words I blanked out and woke up in my mother's arms. Wondering what had happened, my father told me that they found me unconscious in the old ladies home. Apparently she had died some days ago. At that moment shivers circulated up and through my spine.
A week later we discovered that the old lady had left us the house and the furniture in her Will. 

My last memory of her I will no doubt cherish forever and carry its meaning for the rest of my life. Was it a dream or actual reality? I guess I will never know. The only thing I can be certain of is that the furniture she left behind will always remind me of who I really am within, peaceful, serene, beautiful, strong, blessed and eternal.
I'm sure we all know an old lady who radiates this kind of beautiful energy who we ourselves hold close to our hearts. I call the one in my life "Grandma."

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