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Milleni Factory Outlet - A Behind the Scenes Look

After personally visiting the Milleni factory showroom I have to say that I was literally blown away by the standards of manufacturing quality that the company upholds. Every bag, wallet and purse has been diligently designed with the finest concern for detail, comfort, style and outfit “matchability”. At times I watched from a distance as VIP guests walked in and out of the facility. I observed their movements, facial expressions and gestures. I listened in particular to the words and the tonality of the language they used when talking about the products. Words such as; Amazing, Beautiful, Cute, Elegant, Stylish, Incredible Variety, A Woman’s Paradise, was the type of the language I heard.

Later that day I approached two of the VIP guests and asked them several questions about the Milleni brand. The following is a patchy transcript of how our conversation unfolded:

If you were stuck on a deserted Island what is the one thing you would like to have with you?

Sarah – My husband will kill me… however I can’t look past my Milleni handbag… I literally never leave home without it. For heaven’s sake everything I need to survive is contained within that bag… However my husband would beg to differ…

What do you guys like about the Milleni brand of bags, purses, wallets and other products?

Sarah – There is just so much variety here… the choice range is just incredible… I have to tell you, I have so many outfits in my cupboard and it’s sometimes difficult to find a matching handbag. However, after seeing the overwhelming variety of colours and styles that Milleni has to offer this will never be a problem ever again.

Vanessa – Same here… with me though it’s a little different. I have an endless supply of shoes at home. My friends tell me that I have an uncontrollable shoe fetish. Finding the right matching handbag for my shoes has always been a complicated and enduring process. However since being introduced to the Milleni range several years ago these kinds of dilemmas are long behind me.

What are you most impressed with?

Vanessa – For me it is definitely the quality of the bags. There are plenty of brands out there in the marketplace, however for most the quality unfortunately doesn’t match the price tag. With Milleni I know I’m getting a high quality product that will last a very long time… I’m also in awe of the different variety of styles that Milleni manufacture. There is a style of bag for literally every modern woman no matter what colours or shapes they favour. Another great thing about Milleni is that they are very meticulous in regards to staying true with the latest fashions and trends around Australia, Europe and the world… Every season I come down here and I find something new, unique and at times unexpected that I haven’t come across before.

What would you say to other women who haven’t yet taken the opportunity to own a Milleni ladies accessory product?

Sarah – I would say that they just don’t know what they are missing out on… Just get any modern day woman to take a look at the full range of Milleni bags and they are bound to find something that they will fall in love with… bound to find something that will go with every pair of shoes and outfit they have in their wardrobe.

Vanessa – For those who are sceptical I say to them - If you had never eaten your favourite dish, how would you know how good it tastes? Or if you had never put on your favourite dress how would you ever know how good it really looks on you? Milleni products are just like that. So many times us women get attached to a single brand and tend not to look at other possibilities… I was like that for a period of years before I purchased my first Milleni handbag. Since then I have purchased many other brands however none compare to the quality and variety that Milleni provides me with consistently each and every season.

So there you have it. My conversation with these VIP Milleni customers was a little less structured than this, however I hope that you were still able to get an idea of their feelings, thoughts and attitudes towards the Milleni brand of products.

The most important thing to consider here is that you literally have nothing to lose. We offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. We stand by this brand, and believe that it is one of the most outstanding women’s accessory manufacturers in the world today. However don’t take our word on it, purchase it risk free and make up your own mind. And if you are wondering what other customers like you – who have purchased Milleni products through ebay – are saying, than check out our testimonials and feedback page for further details.

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