Benefits Of Sling Wearing

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For centuries mothers everywhere have chosen to use different styles of slings and wraparounds to assist them with the required multitasking needs of motherhood. Slings provide the perfect solution to baby's need for contact and nurturing, and a mother's need to have free hands to take care of her home and family.

There are so many benefits for both baby and mother when using a sling. And not only mothers are seen wearing slings, today fathers, grandparents and other caregivers are realizing the many advantages of sling wearing.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of sling wearing:

* For breastfed babies who have problems nursing in other positions, the gentle movement and rocking motion that accompanies a feeding while in a sling can help to overcome breastfeeding issues. Studies have even shown better weight gain for slow weight gaining babies due the convenience of frequent feedings while in a sling.

*The bond created between mother and baby - or bay and other caregivers - helps to enhance the relationship between the two.

*When baby is carried around most of the time, jhe will be exposed to more sights and sounds than if he was lying in one spot. This helps to encourage brain development, as well as speech development.

*For colicky babies, a sling can provide the constant compfort and movement that often helps to soothe them.

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