Benefits of ASICS Running Shoes

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Benefits of ASICS Running Shoes

Running is a beneficial exercise that improves cardiovascular fitness, burns calories, and tones the body. Before anyone starts an exercise or running programme, it is important to research the shoe. ASICS is the leading brand in running shoe by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. ASICS continue to change and develop their athletic shoe by incorporating injury prevention technologies. There are many reliable sellers on eBay selling Asics running shoes. Learn why it is important to choose the right fit, the benefits of choosing the right shoe for over or underpronators, and why Asics is a popular choice of running shoe for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Choose the Right Fit

Individuals who want to invest in a running shoe like ASICS must find a comfortable shoe. Many sports manufacturers offer a fitting service, which is often included with the cost of the shoe, although each manufacturer may differ.

The Width Fitting

ASICS offer a standard width, plus 2E, 2A, width D, and width 4E. Comfort is important in a running shoe. Footwear that feels too tight can result in blisters and other skin irritations. Get the feet measured and choose the right width fitting.

Shock Absorption

ASICS running shoes are popular amongst athletes for preventing injury. A shoe must provide maximum protection against shock, which occurs on hard surfaces like concrete. The cushioned surface of ASICS shoes gives the individuals a comfortable workout, with minimal discomfort. Grab a pair of shoes and notice how the sole has worn. Individuals with an S-shaped pattern in their sole may benefit from a cushioned running shoe.


Pronation occurs at the subtalar joint, situated beneath the ankle. It is the inward rolling action of the foot after it impacts the ground. Some individuals experience overpronation (foot rolls in creating undue stress) or underpronation (foot makes impact at an increased angle) when walking and running. ASICS offer three varieties of shoe for pronation – neutral, overpronate, or severe overpronate. Individuals can determine whether they have a pronation issue by turning over a pair of their favourite shoes and noticing how the sole has worn. Those with an S-shaped pattern in their sole have a neutral pronation and may benefit from a cushioned running shoe. Overpronators can opt for a structured cushioned shoe, while underpronators are most at risk of shock-related injuries and must choose a shoe with ample cushioning.

Advanced Materials in ASICS Running Shoe

ASICS is ahead in the manufacturer of the running shoe because it uses advanced materials in its running shoe. This provides the individual with confidence in the product, plus a pleasurable running experience.


  • The space trusstic material in the ASICS shoe situates beneath the arch section of each shoe. This plastic bridge adds strength and stability to the shoe, without forfeiting flexibility.
  • Gel cushioning prevents injury as the foot makes impact with the ground.
  • The tongue makes the shoe easier to put on and remove, whilst also preventing potential rubbing to the foot from the laces during the repetitive movements of the workout.
  • The heel counter supports the heels during the workout. Not enough support can lead to rubbing and blisters. ASICS have added an internal plastic structure within the shoe to prevent this.


How to Buy ASICS on eBay

Individuals new to running must choose a shoe that offers maximum support. Over or underpronation of the foot may result in injury, if an individual chooses the wrong type of shoe. Fortunately, ASICS are a popular brand of running shoe. There are many reliable sellers on eBay who sell a selection of ASICS shoes at affordable prices. Running is a high impact exercise that requires maximum support for the joints of the feet to prevent injury. Visit the sporting section of eBay to find the right running shoe for the right budget.

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